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Wknd Box Office: Escape Plan, Carrie, The Fifth Estate, The Summit, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Here is an interesting article from reviewing some of the movies that came out over the past weekend. This follows this post about some of the movies from last week and THIS POST about some movies that have been released over the past few years that you might have missed! This all follows this post about guidelines to choosing good movies to watch yourself.

Escape Plan: Muslim @ CIA Prison is Hero of New Stallone-Schwarzenegger Flick; Prays to allah as He Saves Action Stars

By Debbie Schlussel

How do you know America is well on its way to becoming a Muslim nation? When two of its most famous action stars agree to star in a movie in which a Muslim prisoner in a CIA prison is the hero of the movie and saves their lives by praying to allah and taking a bullet for them while declaring, “allahu akbar [our Muslim god is the greatest--greater than your god].”

Yes, it’s Post-Post-9/11 at the movies, this weekend, with the debut of “Escape Plan,” starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a cockamamie, confusing statement against the CIA, rendition for Islamic terrorists, waterboarding, and capitalism.

Bin Laden Would Be Proud of New Stallone-Schwarzenegger PC Action Flick

The pair are well into their 60s, and most of their recent forays into the movies have been duds, both in plot and in box office return. So, apparently, they believe the way to rejuvenate (aside from Stallone’s HGH, steroids, and apparent botox use) is to inject a little jihad into their genre.

So, they turn the formula they once had in the ’80s–fighting the bad guys, many of whom were Muslim (as they are in real life in great numbers–see 9/11, Fort Hood, Westgate Mall, Undiebomber, Shoe Bomber, etc., etc. ad nauseaum). Instead, the villains here are those running a CIA prison where a third of the prisoners are Muslim. The prison adminstrators are evil and helped frame Stallone–an expert on how to build prisons that are escape-proof–and imprison him in the secret jail forever, along with Schwarzenegger. Oh, and the “evildoers” also waterboard Arnold Schwarzenegger (because the CIA only waterboards the good guys, not terrorists, right?).

The movie is long, dull, and boring, but, hey, the leader of the Muslim prisoners, Javed (played by actor Faran Tahir), agrees to use his opportunity to go outside and pray to allah to get intelligence for Schwarzenegger and Stallone and help them hatch their escape. He also gives his life and body–Rambo-style–for the pair, as they escape. And, again, he screams “allahu [FUBAR],” as he gives his life so the senior citizen action stars can be free and fight back against their CIA tormentors.

The “story”: Stallone, the prison expert, is hired by the builders of prisons to test their jails to see whether they are escape-proof. So, he gets himself put inside prisons as an inmate by pretending to do crimes, and then he escapes, showing the jailers how to improve their prisons and make them escape-free. But his latest foray is into a super-maximum-security prison, and he’s been kidnapped and framed, stuck in the prison forever. He doesn’t know where the prison is and is trying to figure out how to get out. The CIA jailers have read his books and they’ve made the prison virtually escape-proof. He befriends some kind of money man, played by Schwarzenegger, who is in the joint because the prison warden wants to know where Schwarzenegger and an accomplice stashed some major money.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger try to escape but it’s difficult. They need the Muslim and his fellow Muslims to stage a riot and otherwise distract the guards. And, then, of course, the Muslim uses Muslim prayer sessions and gives his life in the name of allah (the Moon cult god), saving their lives.

The tagline of the movie is, “No One Breaks Out Alone.” You see, you need a Muslim criminal in a CIA prison to pray to allah and help you get out.


While it’s true that neither Stallone nor Schwarzenegger is a producer of this movie, they are the only reasons the movie is in theaters. And they could have objected to the pan-jihadist, politically correct tone of the movie . . . just as a Schwarzenegger action movie, “The 6th Day,” was changed to turn Islamic terrorist villains into something else to satisfy Muslim grievance theater pimps. But they didn’t. Because they probably have a piece of the action of this movie in some way, shape, or form. And I’m sure they know this movie will do well in Muslim countries that see themselves as the heroes and America’s CIA as the villain. This fits their preferred narrative.

These two aging action stars far past their prime aren’t believable in anything they do in this movie. And that includes their need for Muslim criminals and prayers to allah to save them.

As I’ve noted on this site before, I interviewed Stallone when he was in Detroit promoting his last Rocky installment, “Rocky Balboa” (read my review). At the time, he was making his last Rambo flick, “Rambo” (read my review), and told me it would be set in Burma/Myanmar. I asked him if the villains would be Muslim, and he said no. He said I was right that they probably should have been for accuracy’s sake, but when I asked him why they were not, he didn’t give a satisfactory answer. And Stallone’s new versions of terrorists and heroes (including the devout Muslim in this flick) are twisted.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger, desperate to continue their ’80s box office success, sold out to political correctness. And the jihad. But it won’t change the fact that they are both long past their prime. And Schwarzenegger still can’t change our first thought whenever we hear his name – his affair and son with the ugly maid (or our second thought – his bloated, failed governorship of California).

Up next? I wouldn’t be surprised if they get awards at the annual HAMAS CAIR banquet.

Sadly, there’s no escape from “Escape Plan’s” PC burden. Or its schlocky, preposterous, predictable story.


Wknd Box Office: Escape Plan, Carrie, The Fifth Estate, The Summit, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

by Debbie Schlussel

Nothing particularly spectacular in the new offerings at the movies, this weekend:

* “Escape Plan“: Aging action hero hacks Stallone and Schwarzenegger turn to a Muslim as their savior from the evil CIA. No thanks for the propaganda and stupid, predictable plot. Read my complete review.


* “Carrie“: As I watched this anti-Christian remake of an anti-Christian ’70s movie, based on an anti-Christian 1974 Steven King novel of the same name, I wondered when they will make a movie called, “Karima” or “Hamida’ or “Fatima” about weird, crazy, religiously extreme Muslims and their evil, homicidal daughters with magical powers. Will never happen. Only Christians and Jews are fair game for this kind of disgusting crap.

I didn’t like the original ’70s version of this, and I dislike this one even more. It’s absolutely sickening and silly. I felt like a time-bandit robbed me of nearly two hours of life I’ll never get back.

You know the story: Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz) is the daughter of a crazy, extremely devout Christian woman (Julianne Moore). She’s ridiculed, mocked, and bullied by her classmates, especially the popular kids. But, in this movie, the gross factor is revved up. Carrie is in the school locker room shower and gets her first period. She doesn’t know what it is and thinks she’s dying, so she starts screaming that she’s dying. She is covered in period blood and gets it all over her classmates and the gym teacher. The classmates take a video of this and put it up on YouTube to further harass, bully, and embarrass Carrie.

What kind of warped mind comes up with this stuff? Take your pick from anyone in Hollywood aiming for quick bucks. Yup, this is what passes for movies aimed at teens and 20-somethings these days.

And, if you’ve seen the original Carrie, you know the rest of the story: she develops supernatural powers and is embarrassed at the prom, where she gets her revenge. Except that in this stupid remake, Carrie is like a supernatural action hero with the ability to fly and do all sorts of other sorts of similar stuff. All the while, she is wearing a large Cross pendant, just in case you forgot she’s a Christian.

I get the idea that the whacked-out Julianne Moore character is the kind of persona that the delusional Barack Obama thinks embodies religious conservatives across America, when he dismisses them as bitter gun and Bible clingers.

Skip this bigoted, depraved, and dumb waste of digital material.


* “The Fifth Estate“: This movie is about the founding of Wikileaks by Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and a partner, Daniel Berg (Daniel Brühl), and it tells the story through the point that Wikileaks discloses and posts hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. State Department cables online.

If you read the newspapers and follow the news, there won’t be anything new for you here. The only thing I learned was that Julian Assange’s hair is an unnatural white-blonde color because he bleaches it, and that this is because his parents were in a cult in which they bleached everyone’s hair this color. The movie makes no other comment about the cult, nor does it say that the cult is the White Brotherhood, a racist group with Nazi ties, which would have been interesting.

What would have also been interesting would have been some sort of background on Assange’s life and upbringing. In addition to having a mother who slept around, had multiple husbands, and was a member of a racist, Nazi cult, Assange was the product of a sexual liaison by his mother and a man she met at an anti-Vietnam protest, for example. None of this is in the movie, and the story onscreen begins with the beginning of Wikileaks. This background would have gone a long way to explaining why Assange is so anti-American and bent on destroying the U.S. But the movie doesn’t even show you that side of Assange or that this was his goal in the Wikileaks mass leak of the cables.

Instead, the movie shows us a self-centered, selfish, ego-maniacal, narcissistic, irresponsible guy bent on releasing any and all information he gets from any source without first doing any editing of the material to save lives or avoid jeopardizing sources and foreign agents and informants. That is all true, and I’m glad the movie did not glamorize or gush over this guy. But Assange’s agenda, as he himself has explicitly said repeatedly, is to bring down America. That goal of his–that ideological drive–is never disclosed in this movie, and it’s, therefore, mostly a sham of a movie.

On top of that, I had to chuckle when a character in the movie–an editor/top reporter for the UK’s Guardian–whines that Assange is journalism without any accountability because Wikileaks refused to edit or redact any of the cables and protect people. It’s ironic, given that, today, the Guardian is engaged in its own similar journalism without any accountability in publishing all of the Edward Snowden information and documents. That jeopardizes lives, too, in the same way Assange did.

Other than that, the movie is long, slow, and dull. There is no suspense and nothing thrilling, other than a brief set of scenes in which a State Department official tries to spirit out of Libya one of her sources in the government before the Wikileaks cable dump gets him killed. And that’s the only other accurate part of the film: it shows how inept and toothless the Obama Administration was and is in response to Wikileaks’ actions. They did nothing but speak loudly against it and little else. Talk is cheap.

By the way, this movie is put out by Rupert Murdoch’s FOX (there’s a quick clip of Megyn Kelly gratuitously inserted into the movie to promote her) and should have had the tagline, “We Distort, You Decide.” They certainly distorted Julian Assange’s evil intentions here. In fact, they left them out completely.


* “The Summit“: This was probably the relative best of the new movies this weekend, with emphasis on the word “relative.” There’s nothing wrong with this documentary about several international teams of climbers who seek to reach the summit of K2, which the movie says is the second tallest peak in the world. It’s just that I felt I’d seen this movie a million times before. I’ve seen TV shows and fiction movies and other documentaries about the climbing of K2 and other tall mountains. And this one is no different.

You know the drill: highly funded, best trained, most dedicated, experienced mountain climbers start the climb with the intent of reaching the summit safely and returning to see their families and hear the accolades. But, because of the cold weather, bad winds, and other conditions that are always present in these climbs, several of the climbs die–via falls to their deaths, exposure to cold weather, etc.–and several more lose their toes and/or fingers. And, then, there are a scant few–like one or two–who make it and come back unscathed, living to tell about it. Like I said, I’ve seen it all before. You’ve probably seen it all before.

The characters are the same as usual in every one of these movies, including this one: dedicated sherpas (many of whom are Muslim, FYI–though the movie doesn’t tell you that, it’s implied or understood), who we are told are “taken advantage of” by the evil Westerner mountain climbers. Some give their lives to help save the Westerners. And, then, there are the “selfish” Westerners who won’t leave their climbing to help fellow climbers in distress. The narrative in these movies is always the same.

It’s entertaining and such, but not that interesting. I could take it or leave it. And this is probably best left to a one-hour special on Dateline or 20/20.


* “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane“: This movie was made in 2006, and the studio sat on it for seven years. Watching it, it was quite clear why: this movie is a hunk o’ junk. Schlock through and through.

Amber Heard is a beautiful high school student, Mandy Lane, about whom all the boys are crazy. They all want to sleep with her. She and some of them and some of the popular girls at school go to one of the boy’s family’s ranch for the weekend, where sex is had and most of the people are brutally murdered by Mandy Lane’s less popular friend. She’s in on it, but decides not to kill herself with her friend, at the the end.

Um, why did I waste 1.5 hours on this trash heap? Good question. Maybe so you can avoid it like the plague. Don’t see this. A pointless waste of time.


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