Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Obama is Not (Legally) President

A timely post about from about the president’s validity. This follows this post about the team the Washington Redskins. In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

Why Obama is Not (Legally) President

By Nicholas Stix

I just posted this at a Facebook page, where some posters were calling for impeaching “Obama.”

Actually, his crimes are worse than that. He was ineligible to run for president, in the first place, which means that an impeachment movement is misguided, in affirming that he is legally president.

I am no birther, but:

• He violated federal election law, by filing to run under (both for the U.S. Senate and the Presidency) a false name. Unless he legally changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama II, his legal name is either Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Dunham;

• He was ineligible to run, due to having failed to legally repudiate his citizenship in nations besides America. He was and remains a citizen of at least three different countries: Kenya, Indonesia, and America; and

• He violated the natural born citizen clause, Article II, section 1, of the U.S. Constitution. In order to run for president, both of the candidate’s parents must have been American citizens at the time of his birth. “Obama’s” father never became an American citizen.

Thus, some process or act wholly independent of impeachment must be used to forcibly remove this criminal from the Oval Office… by any means necessary.

Not that I’m suggesting that anyone violate the law. God forbid! Heaven forfend! Heck, I’m only suggesting that someone enforce the law.

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