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Jihad USA: Arabic Language Mandatory @ NYC Public School – A Preview of America’s Dark Future

A very interesting post from about Islam in NYC Schools. This follows this post about the pilgrimage to Mecca. This follows this article about American energy independence and preventing money from going to hostile countries such as Iran. For more about what you can do to get more involved click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.

Jihad USA: Arabic Language Mandatory @ NYC Public School – A Preview of America’s Dark Future

By Debbie Schlussel

A Va-JINO (my name for female Jews In Name Only) principal of a Manhattan public school is forcing the kids at her school to learn Arabic, instead of, say, a romance foreign language. Her excuse for this halal globaloney is that she wants the school to be International Baccalaureate (IB) certified.

That’s bunk. I was an IB candidate at my Detroit-area public high school (until I quit) and my foreign languages were French and Hebrew. The Hebrew for IB was so arcane and ridiculous that even the private Hebrew teacher tutor my parents hired had never heard of many of the words in the Hebrew book I was required to learn. At that point, I already spoke fluent Hebrew, but couldn’t understand most of the silly Hebrew book, so I quit IB (which is highly overrated–my classmates who took AP classes and ignored IB began with more college credits than I did when we began freshman year at the University of Michigan).

Students can learn any of many foreign languages–including the classic romance languages–and earn an IB diploma. This principal-ette is doing this to shove Muslim propaganda down the kids’ throats. In my Arabic classes at Michigan, for example, there was no Israel on our map, just this mythical horror show called “Palestine.” And so on. Moreover, teaching young kids Arabic will make them more sympathetic to Arab culture, which is dominated by Islam. It’s appropriate that the name of this idiotette principal is Nicky Kram Rosen, with an emphasis on Kram It Down Their Throats. If she was really interested in teaching the kids a useful language beyond French, Spanish, or Italian, she would have chosen Chinese or Japanese. Or why not Hebrew? There are far more Jews (and far more each of Irish, Italians, and Hispanics) in New York than Muslims and Arabs combined (though, sadly, that is quickly changing because the schmucks Bush and Obama doubled America’s Muslim population through immigration to America since 9/11).

An upper Manhattan public elementary school will be the first in the city to require that students study Arabic, officials said yesterday. Beginning next semester, all 200 second- through fifth-graders at PS 368 in Hamilton Heights will be taught the language twice a week for 45 minutes — putting it on equal footing with science and music courses.

One reason Principal Nicky Kram Rosen selected Arabic — as opposed to more common offerings, such as Spanish or French — is because it will help the school obtain a prestigious International Baccalaureate standing. “She proposed this to the parent association. They were very supportive,” said Angela Jackson, CEO of the Global Language Project, which is backing the initiative.

Hmmm . . . Angela Jackson. I’ll bet she’s the “perfect” combination of Angela Davis and Jesse Jackson in politics and morals.

“Arabic has been identified as a critical-need language,” she said, citing students’ future “career trajectories.’’

Yup, “critical” for helping the brothers in HAMAS develop new IEDs and the “career trajectory” of Master Beheader.

“It means they can spin the globe and decide where they want to work and live.”

Huh? Uh, no, it means they can learn the hatred that goes along with the language. They will learn that the world “allah” means “G-d,” instead of “Muslim imaginary master of the moongod cult.” Who on earth appointed this moronette–Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty–the queen of deciding that you must learn Arabic “to spin the globe” and “decide where to work and live”? The majority of this earth’s population does not know Arabic and the majority of us and can live and work where we want.

Students now taking the class in a pilot program during their free afternoon periods said it’s been a challenge — but a rewarding one. “I like Arabic class. I like the words we learn. I thought they sounded funny at first, now I think they sound cool,” said Nayanti Brown, a 7-year-old second-grader. “I teach my little sister the words I learn.’’ Nayanti said her mother was skeptical at first. “When I gave my mom the [permission slip] to sign, she was shocked. [Now] she’s happy I’m in the class,” she said.

The Arabic requirement becomes mandatory in September. But PS 368 is a so-called “choice’’ school and no kids, even those living nearby, are forced to attend it. If the school ever enrolls a student who objects to learning Arabic, administrators will deal with that on a case-by-case basis, Jackson said.

And here’s the money quote about the real agenda here:

Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish.

And Arabic’s conceptual soulmate, jihad, is already a global perpetration. Look for that to gain support from these young minds of mush as they grow up, programmed in the pan-Arabist point of view that goes along with the “innocent” language lessons.

Sadly, the parents at this school are clueless sheep who’ve drunk the halal Kool-Aid.

Bella Moon Castro, 34, of Harlem, signed her son up and is glad he’ll have a chance to learn Arabic.

“This makes the world smaller for the kids. It develops their confidence,” Castro said.

Is this woman insane? Since when did it develop anyone’s confidence to learn the language of oppression and terrorism? The language most of whose female speakers must wear sheets over their heads showing only their eyes, because some ugly chick’s toe-hair might turn some uncontrollable Muslim guy on.

Sadly, this is the future of America. The Halal Big Apple today, your neck of the woods tomorrow.

He may sleep with the fishes, but Osama Bin Laden is having the last laugh.

Say good-bye, America. Or is that, “Aleikum, Salaam”?

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