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Redskins Forever!

A timely post about from www.badeagle.com about the team the Washington Redskins. This follows this post about the Muslim claim for discovering America. In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

Redskins Forever!

by David Yeagley

American Indians have only one positive image in the world today: the warrior. We earned that one, with blood, and white America has forever honored it. Indian leaders who protest Indian sports names and mascots are taking not only a liberal, white, self-destructive, emasculating position, but also a very cowardly position. In fact, these Indian leaders offer no alternative but self-removal.

Kevin Gover, Director of the NMAI.

Gover is Pawnee, the tribe that always

fought with the U.S. government, and

always against other Indian tribes.

Ray Halbritter, chief of the Oneida, does not represent Indian people, but only his tribe. Kevin Gover, Director of the National Museum of the American Indian, not only does not represent American Indians, but purposely represents many other indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere. This is not American Indian representation at all, but its dilution.

Ray Halbritter, Chief of the Oneida

one very advanced, business-oriented

tribe of American Indians, indeed.

Both these men were feature on Gretchen Carlson’s The Real Story (FoxNews), today, October 10, 2013. Carlson, like most conservative (and relatively conservative) hosts have no idea what Indian people ourselves actually think. The conservatives haven’t researched anything. They understand no talking points. And they are completely unaware of the conservative Indians in the country.

There have been only two professional surveys of Indian people at large: Peter Harris, (2002) and University of Pennsylvania (Annenberg), (2004). Harris found 83% of Indians were not offended or didn’t care. Annenberg found 91% were not offended or didn’t care. This included consideration of the name “Redskins.”

Why do these “fair and balanced” Fox News reporters never reference these surveys? It is as if the issue no longer involves Indian people at all. Just white liberals and white conservatives.

And what surveys have Gover and Halbritter conducted? Do they have any idea how Indian people really feel, or just how their personal associates feel?

I am acutely disappointed in the way this issue is being handled at this point–by conservative media.

I might add, I wrote three letters to the United Nations about the removal of Indian images. It is virtual genocide. It is a cultural cleansing, really. Here are the letters, from September, 2011:

American Indian Genocide: An Appeal

Indian Removal II: 2nd Appeal to the U.N.<br />
American Indian Images: An Indigenous Right

And now Carlson reports that the U.N. is advocates the removal of “Redskins.” What could be expected from a godless, liberal world organization?

I’ve written numerous articles on Indian mascots. The message is simple: Indians of modern times have a bad image: alcoholism, diabetes, suicide, domestic violence, dishonesty (including the whole casino scene), and liberals have made sure that we have the image of professional protesters, whiners, and perpetual bellyachers. No, I can’t speak for all Indians, but these images don’t sit well with me.

We do still have the warrior image. That is the one that the white man respects–even printing it on his currency! Personally, I want to see Indian warrior images on every school, college, and professional sports team in the country. Indians own that image!

Our fathers earned that image. We dishonor our fathers when we seek to remove that image. This is a self-destructive path–which liberals have provided for us.

And remember, as Halbritter admitted on the interview, it’s about money. Under his leadership, the Oneida is a major contributor to the NFL. Why? So he can power to remove the Redskins name. Obviously. Dishonesty? Manipulation? Bribery? Blackmail?

I’d rather have the warrior image.

Touch The Clouds, 1838-1905, Teton Lakota

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