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Philip Chism Allegedly Stabbed Teacher Colleen Ritzer to Death with a Box-Cutter, the MSM Don’t Want to Look into His Past, Show Him Sympathy, as if He were the Victim

A timely post about from about the murder in Danvers, Massachusettes. This follows this post about Republican election losses. In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

Previously on this war crime, at WEJB/NSU:

“Beautiful, Young White Teacher, 24, Who was Bubbling Over with Enthusiasm for Teaching Math Murdered in High School in Danvers, Mass.; One of Obama’s Sons, 14, Charged as an Adult; CCTV Showed Him Dragging Victim’s Body Out of Bathroom.”]

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I know of several cases of black students who variously raped or murdered white teachers, but no cases of white kids violating black teachers. Odd, that.

Today, one of the morning news shows (HLN?) interviewed two white girls who were classmates of murder suspect Philip Chism. The female studio host (not Robin Meade) asked the girls, one of whom was named Nicole (Smith?) if Chism ever talked about any problems. One of the girls responded, “There were no problems.”

That was not answer to the host’s question, but the host didn’t follow up. How would the girl know if Chism had any problems?

Boys from Danvers H.S. interviewed by ABC News for this story (hit link) also had only nice things to say about the murder suspect.

I’ve never heard such expressions of kindness towards white boys who went and murdered teachers. And that’s as it ought to be. And yet, when a “black” allegedly murders a beloved teacher, the media present a complete disconnect: Grief for the victim, yet no rage towards the alleged killer. That’s sick. It is morally unhealthy to act this way, or to encourage people to act this way. If people do not express rage against evildoers, they will express it against people who have done no evil, but express it, they must.

But maybe this is the media’s doing. After all, the story below, is full of sympathy for the alleged murderer.

Philip Chism, the Massachusetts teenager who allegedly stabbed his teacher to death, was just starting to make friends at Danvers High School….

And it goes downhill from there. That’s not how you write about a murder suspect; that’s how you write about a murder victim!

The media have shown no interest in digging up anything that might reflect negatively on the suspect. During a murder trial, all sorts of unflattering material is inadmissible in court, in order to protect the defendant’s due process rights. However, no such prohibition applies to the press. Indeed, the press is obligated to dig up that sort of information.

The media and police have also refused to release details of the killing, such as whether Chism allegedly raped, or attempted to rape Ritzer, and whether she was giving him one-on-one tutoring or counseling, at the time that he allegedly slaughtered her.

Another clarification is in order. Although Colleen Ritzer may have been an exuberant, inspirational teacher, the claims that her dream in life was to teach are contradicted by the reports—in the same stories—that she was working on a master’s degree in counseling. Teachers who get degrees in counseling seek to get out of the classroom. Thus, while Ritzer may have been a wonderful teacher, her dream was clearly not to teach.

Philip Chism, Teen Accused of Stabbing Teacher, “Kept to Himself”

DANVERS, Mass. Oct. 23, 2013

By Alyssa Newcomb and Gio Benitez

Via Good Morning America

Philip Chism, the Massachusetts teenager who allegedly stabbed his teacher to death, was just starting to make friends at Danvers High School.

After a recent move with his family from Tennessee, Chism, 14, joined the junior varsity soccer team at the school.

"He just moved here so he didn't have like a huge group of friends. But soccer's one big family so we all knew him, we all liked him," student Ryan Kelleher, told ABC News.

Teen Charged as Adult in Stabbing Death of Teacher

Despite his towering presence at 6-foot-2, teammates said Chism "just kept to himself" at soccer practice every day.

"[There was] nothing really bad about him. He wasn't a mean kid, did fine," Kyle Cahill, another player on the soccer team, said. "[This] just came out of the blue. [It's] just surreal and surprising to me."

Chism was initially reported missing on Tuesday and members of the school soccer team said they quickly banded together to look for their teammate.

Cahill said they wondered if the new kid in town had simply got lost going home "because he doesn't know his way around."

"We just went out looking for him...just [to] see if he was anywhere we could try and find him," Cahill said.

Police said Chism was found Tuesday night in a neighboring community.

When students learned school was closed today, they worried the 14-year-old had been abducted.

Chris Weimert, another student at Danvers High School, said students knew something serious had happened when rumors of a homicide began to spread around town.

"That's when everything spiraled out of control. Twitter blew up," he said.

Chism, who is being charged as an adult, was booked into jail at 5:33 a.m. this morning, according to a copy of the booking sheet obtained by ABC News.

The teen remained silent during his first court appearance today where he was charged with murdering Colleen Ritzer, 24, who taught math at Danvers High School. He was dressed in a white jail jump suit and exhibited little emotion.

The boy's lawyer put her hand on Chism's back and told the judge "he's only 14," but the judge replied that it was an "adult court and an adult proceeding."

Chism's teammates said they'd never expect the quiet new kid would allegedly commit such a grisly crime, but it's also something they never thought would happen in their tightknit Massachusetts town.

"I mean, we're such a quiet town. [I'd] never expect [something] this big to happen right at the high school, inside the high school," Weimert said. "It's crazy."

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