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Can You Be a Scientist and a Christian?

An interesting article from http://www.ucg.org/  about Christians and science. This follows this post about Ukraine. For a free magazine subscription or to get the books recommended for free click HERE! or call 1-888-886- 8632. You can follow me at blogspot here and at twitter here https://twitter.com/brianleesblog. Please consider following both in case one goes down!

Can You Be a Scientist and a Christian?

How can we resolve the tension between reason and faith?

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[Darris McNeely] I was intrigued by a recent headline, "Can I Be a Scientist and a Christian?" It's a good question. It's a question endlessly debated today among people who believe strictly in science as a means of explaining our world and our universe, as opposed to those who believe in the Bible and take the Bible as the word of God and as a guide for life. Can we marry the two, or must the two remain forever separate?
You know, there are basically three different categories into which people fall as they try to explain the creation, or the existence of this world, life, the universe, and to reconcile faith and reason together, science and the Bible.
First off is what we might call atheistic evolution – the idea that evolution is the sole means to explain the origin of life on earth, there is not a God, there is no Creator, He is not involved in the process. According to a recent poll, about 15 percent of Americans polled adopt and accept this approach.
A second is what is called scientific creation – the idea that the Bible is literal and that there is a God who created this world, and science is not exactly as evolutionists would say that it is. About 46 percent of people adopt this approach. Many who call themselves Christian, fundamentalist or otherwise, and believe in the Bible as an account to explain the creation.
And then there's another third category in a general sense, called a theistic evolutionist, tends to blend the two – that the world, the universe was created by a God but evolution is used as part of the process by which the life forms arose on this earth, especially, and within the universe in terms of its creation, but with a hands-off approach from a Creator who designed into the processes the ideas and the things that we might term as the evolutionary process.
When you look at this, in one sense, these are three general classifications, but on Beyond Today , we have done a number of programs

Ask Congress to Fight Plans to House Illegal Aliens Across the Country

An interesting article from www.Numbersusa.com about petitioning Congress. This follows this post about nationwide protests in the U.S. against illegal immigration. Remember, “Amnesty” means ANY non-enforcement of existing immigration laws! This follows this comment and this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what you can do click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.
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Ask Congress to Fight Plans to House Illegal Aliens Across the Country

Dear Your Three Members of Congress,
Please do not allow the federal government to house illegal aliens in our state. The Obama administration is responsible for the influx at the border and should not be forcing our state to deal with the consequences.
Instead of securing the borders and enforcing our immigration laws, President Obama is doing the opposite: he is letting tens of thousands of illegal aliens come across our borders with impunity. Not only does this harm our nation, it creates a human rights disaster for the illegal aliens the government is housing.

Please make sure the government doesn't try to house illegal aliens in our state. The Obama administration needs to secure the border and stop illegal immigration, not welcome illegal aliens with open arms.
First Name Last Name

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Editorial: CONTRIBUTE, especially if you didn't PARTICIPATE!


Last weekend, there were several demonstrations for America's sovereignty. A nation which cannot defend its borders is no longer a nation.

If you were unable to PARTICIPATE in one of these, it would be a good idea to CONTRIBUTE to one of the groups that did.

This way, you can be part of the Solution, instead of... well, you know

Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Pro-Abortion John Stewart’s Left-Wing Anti-Hobby Lobby Rant

An interesting story from www.lifenews.com  about Megyn Kelly and Jon Stewart. This follows this post about Sherri Shepherd's baby. For more that you can do to get involved click HERE and you can also get two very interesting books HEREYou can follow me at blogspot here and at twitter here https://twitter.com/brianleesblog. Please consider following both in case one goes down!

Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Pro-Abortion John Stewart’s Left-Wing Anti-Hobby Lobby Rant

by Tom Blumer | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com
Fox News’s Megyn Kelly has clearly had it up to here with the disinformation, misinformation, distortions and outright lies coming from the left in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. A recent dishonest rant by Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart (noted at NewsBusters by Jeffrey Meyer early Tuesday morning) and attempts by certain doctors to deny scientific truth caused Kelly to correct the record on the air.
The topic is the science behind whether or not the contraceptive methods Hobby Lobby’s owners would not cover in its employee health insurance plan on conscience grounds are or are not abortifacient in nature. In the video seen after the jump (HT Gateway Pundit), readers will see her identify certain perhaps unexpected entities which have admitted that they are:

Transcript (bolds and numbered tags are mine):
MEGYN KELLY: Developing tonight, new dishonesty about contraception and the Supreme Court’s decision in Hobby Lobby.
That case upheld some corporations’ religious rights to not provide coverage for certain forms of birth control — four in particular that can end a fertilized egg, which some believe is abortion. [1]
megynkellyNancy Pelosi and other Democrats declared this proof of the “war on women,” telling folks the Court had actually banned contraception, which is false.
The Kelly File corrected the record and urged others to do the same. The next day, Politifact labeled Ms. Pelosi’s claim “False,” and yesterday the Washington Post agreed, going on to denounce several claims by Democrats as “not warranted by the facts.”
This week some liberals are at it again, saying that decision was based on bad science — that the four forms of birth control in no way amount to abortion, because they do not end a fertilized egg, they just prevent conception in the first place. [2]
Here’s Jon Stewart having some fun on that point, which has popped up in several left-wing forums:
JON STEWART: One thing struck me about the decision. Hobby Lobby didn’t want its employees’ insurance to cover certain contraceptive methods such as Plan B, because they said that method caused abortions. The only problem with that is, is (that it is)  not, uh, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for, true. [3]
KELLY: To be sure, these birth-control methods do not cause abortion like the ones performed at Planned Parenthood on a table. But they can and do end fertilized eggs — and to many, that is ending a life. [1]
Still, the left maintains that this is all bogus science, offering op-eds by doctors that conclude, at least, quote, “three of these four contraceptives do not lead to abortion, even using the conservative definition of when life begins” — namely, when an egg is fertilized.
So where on earth did that come from? Where did we get that notion?
Well, there’s the Supreme Court opinion, which specifically finds that, quote, “These four methods may have the effect of preventing an already fertilized egg from developing any further by inhibiting its attachment to the uterus. It’s right there, in black-and-white.
But maybe those five majority justices didn’t know what they were talking about. They’re probably just citing some Hobby Lobby shill. Uh, well actually, they were citing the government’s own brief. They were citing the government! The government was making this point!
Well, what does the government know? They were basically, it was DOJ representing Health and Human Services. Upon whom were they relying for their facts? Oh, the Food and Drug Administration? The group that actually oversees these very drugs.
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Well maybe the FDA wasn’t clear. Maybe it didn’t know what it was — Let’s see what it actually said about these drugs. This is from the FDA.
According to FDA-approved product labels, “A copper IUD works by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus.” Oh. An IUD with progestin “alters the endometrium,” meaning the uterine lining. Plan B “may inhibit implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus.” Oh. All right. And “Ella may also work by affecting implantation.” It’s all there in black and white.
The science actually sounds pretty clear. But perhaps the justices should’ve ignored all that, and instead relied on agenda-driven pundits to better understand the science here.
Or perhaps these ideologues should think a bit more before trying so hard to mislead and divide us. [4]
[1] — Kelly was insufficiently strong here. Any drug which “can end a fertilized egg” by definition “can cause an abortion,” and can “end a life.” It’s not a matter of what “some believe.” It’s a matter of fact.
[2] — Kelly actually said “prevent contraception,” a misstatement which I have taken the liberty of correcting to reflect what she obviously meant.
[3] — I added the parenthetical to Stewart’s statement to make it almost coherent.
[4] — Unfortunately, Megyn, the left knows exactly what it’s doing. They’re telling lies to whip up low-information voters’ emotions against the court, Hobby Lobby, and anyone who has supported the company, and betting that they won’t get the truth anywhere else.
How likely is it that the left’s bet on dishonestly portraying the Hobby Lobby decision will work out as they intend it to? Well, that depends largely on those who know the truth making sure that others learn it.
LifeNews.com Note: Tom Blumer is president of a training and development company in Mason, Ohio, and is a contributing editor to NewsBusters. This item originally appeared at BizzyBlog.com.

Wknd Box Office: The Purge: Anarchy, Sex Tape, Wish I Was Here

Here is an interesting article from http://www.debbieschlussel.com/ reviewing some of the movies that came out over the past weekend. This follows this post about some of the movies from last week and THIS POST about some movies that have been released over the past few years that you might have missed! This all follows this post about guidelines to choosing good movies to watch yourself!

Wknd Box Office: The Purge: Anarchy, Sex Tape, Wish I Was Here

By Debbie Schlussel
So, it’s halfway through the summer, and it’s been a really crappy summer at the box office. This weekend is no exception. It’s the rule and includes an incredibly racist, anti-American, anti-Christian movie. Oh, and also yet another anti-Semitic movie by Jews. Fabulouth! It will be interesting to see which tops the list of tickets sold, this weekend–Sex Tape or The Purge: Anarchy. Either way, it says something very bad about the American sheep-populated public and the Hollywood that serves ‘em this dung.


* “The Purge: Anarchy“: This is the most anti-American, racist movie I can remember seeing. It is the sequel to last summer’s hit, “The Purge” (read my review), which was, itself, racist and filled with class warfare (so is this sequel). But this second Purge movie makes the first look like a masterpiece. All of the villains in this movie are rich, old White, Christian men and women who own guns and go hunting. While the lead and hero of the movie–Frank Grillo–is White, he is unable to save everyone, and in the end they are rescued by a group of New Black Panther types. Also, Grillo is rescued by two Black women. Get it?
The movie is also extremely violent and bloody, gratuitously so.
The story: just as in the original Purge, this is set in the future (2022 or 2023, I forget which and don’t care, really). The United States has been taken over by some evil, pasty-faced, old White Christian men who pray. Once a year, “The Purge” is held, during which people can kill whoever they want (or rape, torture, and maim them) without penalty for 12 hours. This gets rid of poor people (who can’t afford expensive systems to protect themselves) and “undesirables” (minorities, in this movie). Because of The Purge, the country is able to control the population, and there is less than five percent unemployment. Plus, most people are above the poverty level.

In this incarnation, a single Black mother, who is a poor waitress and has a daughter, has just failed to get a raise. She, her daughter, and her father lock themselves up and get ready to spend Purge night in their inner city apartment. But suddenly dad/grandpa is missing, and it turns out that like other sick, poor, Black men, he’s sold himself to rich Christian White people so they can behead him on Purge night, after, of course, they’ve prayed a Christian prayer to G-d. Soon, the two women (the waitress and her daughter) are escaping various evil men who’ve broken into their apartment to rape and murder them.
But they are rescued by (hot, real-life former male model and soap star) Grillo, a mysterious cop-like figure who is all muscled and weaponed up and out and about in a souped up warrior car for Purge night, on a mission to kill someone. Grillo also saves a young couple going through marital problems, whose car has been tampered with and conks out in the middle of the highway more than an hour before the Purge. Together, they traverse and try to escape the various gangs of killers, thugs, and cretins roaming the downtown area of some unnamed urban area.
And it turns out that the Purges are not killing enough people for “ideal conditions,” so the evil, White males in the government are also targeting various inner city buildings full of poor minorities for attacks and purges.
As I noted, although there are various purgers roaming the streets (all of them White men by the way), the main villains throughout the movie are these wealthy White Christian men and women (and that includes the “New Founding Fathers of America”–who began the new country and the Purge). They are rich, they dress well, they are Christians who pray (before murdering poor Black people), and they are gun owners and hunters. And, again, the heroes are a group of New Black Panther types who save everyone, and the two Black women whom Grillo saved, and now they are saving him.
After all the senseless killing, at the end of the movie, the credits play shots of bloody killing over a snippet of “America the Beautiful.” Like I said, a very anti-American, hateful movie that attempts (very poorly) to make social commentary against us–that we are all racists and murderers at heart. Gee, thanks for the tip.
I’m sure this’ll be a hit.
Watch the trailer . . .

* “Sex Tape“: Yuck. I’m sure the title and the endless stupid hype about Cameron Diaz’s naked butt on-screen will sell tickets to this crappy Bin-Laden recruitment cinema. But this was just pure, unadulterated, vulgar tripe. So incredibly dumb. Oh, and by the way: her ass? Well, it ain’t nothin’ to write home about, even in this age of quick e-mails. The two shots were quick because her butt looks every bit its age, complete with what I call “dimplage.”
First off, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are the oldest-looking college students ever. Here’s a tip, make-up artists: putting a wig on a 40-something hag who hit the wall doesn’t make her look like she’s a 20-something college student. And Jason Segel looks like he’s been 50 since he was 13. Doesn’t matter though, because I’d have hated this movie regardless of whether or not they made even a modicum attempt to make this look credible. The movie was disgusting and amazingly stupid.
The story: Diaz and Segel are a long-married couple with two kids in school. Their marriage has become dull because they never have time to have sex. So, they decide to shoot a porn video of them performing every sexual act in the book, “The Joy of Sex.” Segel forgets to erase the video, though, and it is soon synced up to the iPads he gave away as gifts to friends, relatives, and even the mailman, so now everyone can see it. The couple try to get the iPads back before the video is discovered but they are already being blackmailed by someone. The rest of the movie is filled with a silly hijinks on their endless quest to get the iPads back, including a long dog chase and coke-snorting at the mansion of the billionaire who wants to buy Diaz’s blog. Like I said, dumb. The situations and unfunny jokes in this flick make John Ritter’s Jack Tripper and “Three’s Company” look like genius comedy. This was supposed to be a comedy, too, but the jokes were lame and I laughed maybe three times total.
You don’t need to be a prude to know this junk is gross and the raunch is excessive and gratuitous. But that is America. Everyone not only wants to make a sex tape so they can become a multi-millionairess like Kim Kardashian, but they want to watch a dumb movie about two idiots making a sex tape. Skip this like chlamydia. Unless you prefer watching these annoying middle-agers without chemistry making out to watching paint dry. But, for me, they make the metamorphosis of paint from wet to dry very exciting viewing.
Despite the provocative title, the movie was not a turn-on. A turn-off in every way.

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Crisis in Ukraine: Why It Matters

An interesting article from http://www.ucg.org/  about Ukraine. This follows this post about creation.  For a free magazine subscription or to get the books recommended for free click HERE! or call 1-888-886- 8632. You can follow me at blogspot here and at twitter here https://twitter.com/brianleesblog. Please consider following both in case one goes down!

Crisis in Ukraine: Why It Matters

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 (All day)

Most Americans have little understanding of the critical importance of Ukraine in the balance of power in Europe.

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[Darris McNeely] The news right now is transfixed with news out of the Ukraine because of the revolutions that has been going on there in recent weeks, and now the vote in Crimea to separate from Ukraine and to realign itself with the Russian republic. Many people are watching and trying to understand what's taking place, but I think that the biggest question that we should understand and focus on is why Ukraine matters within the context of a massive geopolitical fight between Russia, Europe, and America's posturing and roles that it's taking right now with the threat of sanctions. Why does this matter? What's taking place?
These three maps on the board here help us to at least begin to understand that. At least geographically, it's important to understand that Ukraine borders Russia, Poland, some of the Baltic states, and Western Europe. Ukraine has recently wanted to become a part of the European Union, but that was blocked last fall, and now with the overthrow of the government there, and the redistribution that's taking place, Russia has now moved in and a vote has taken place in Crimea to realign itself with Russia. What this means is that there is a major shake-up taking place within this very critical country. These other maps show, again, a little bit more of the agricultural and industrial importance of Ukraine to Europe, Russia especially. It's interesting to note that agriculturally, western Ukraine represents some of the richest, most productive soil in the world – probably within the top three agricultural areas in terms of the value of the land to agricultural production in all of the world. This is important to Russia as well as to Europe.
This other map shows the crossing of energy pipelines from Russia, across Ukraine, into Western Europe. Western Europe gains the majority of its natural gas and petroleum from Russia. And the lines, the pipelines that carry that petroleum and that natural gas go through Ukraine. Who controls Ukraine is going to control the heat in Germany, in Poland, and other parts of Western Europe. So you see the stranglehold that is there. And of course, with Russia involved in this right now, it's impacting its relationship with other European nations and the United States – financial ties, political ties, especially with the role that Russia is playing with the other great powers in the Middle East, Syria in particular – the relationships between all of these nations – the United States, Europe, and Russia – is very, very critical and very important. That's why it matters.
There's a couple of – there's a few other issues for us to consider as to why this matters, as well. What is taking place in front of us, really, is the biggest crisis since the end of the Cold War over twenty years ago. And for most of us in the United States especially, we've been having a holiday from history. We have not been all that interested. We're more interested, perhaps, in the sports events, the next NCAA tournament that's now just gearing up in the United States, other matters, and we're not really interested in what's taking place in other parts of the world. But this is big. This is the biggest in over twenty years. And should Russia – which it looks like it's going to do – annex Crimea ( this was recorded before Russia annexed Crimea ), possibly eastern Ukraine, because of the ethnic Russian majority in this part of Ukraine, it would also represent the biggest land grab since Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s, and what he began doing in Europe that triggered World War II. That's important. That's why what is taking place over there matters.

Invasion, America: Not “Thousands,” but Hundreds of Thousands; “There are more people coming across the border than we sent to invade France in World War II”

An interesting article from http://nicholasstixuncensored.blogspot.com about the invasion of America, and how little is really being done about it! This follows this post about reading requirements in Universities. You can follow me at blogspot here and at twitter here https://twitter.com/brianleesblog. Please consider following both in case one goes down!

Invasion, America: Not “Thousands,” but Hundreds of Thousands; “There are more people coming across the border than we sent to invade France in World War II”

By A Texas Reader

“There are more people coming across the border than we sent to invade France in World War II,” marveled Stockman. “That is an invasion of our nation, and most of them are coming into Texas. We need to take quick action.”