Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When Freedom Fails

A timely post about from www.BadEagle.com about Liberal Censorship. This follows this post about CAIR. In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

When Freedom Fails

by David Yeagley

Is there no First Amendment? Have white oedipal liberals so aggrandized the half-imaginary Negro plight that no one can freely express his actual feelings? Since there is absolutely no privacy anymore, perhaps it really doesn’t make any difference when, where, or how you express yourself. The tyrannical liberals have your number, and you will go to jail.

Mr. Darren Walp, Confederate flag-waver.

In Camden, New Jersey, a man was arrested and jailed for waving a Confederate flag near an apartment complex, and reportedly shouting racial slurs. This all happened at a Toby Keith concert in Camden. The apartment complex is populated mostly by minorities, and was apparently adjacent to the concert setting, the Susquehanna Bank Center.

Too much for liberals? They prefer the Mexican flag.

The racially protective (i.e., biased) liberal AP news article carefully tabulated the charges against 33-year-old Darren Walp of Ridley Park, Pa.:

1) bias intimidation

2) harassment

3) criminal trespassing.

This is criminal irony on all sides. First of all, where did the charge “bias intimidation” come from? Did Mr. Walp threaten anyone? We’re given absolutely no real clue as to what he said, other than “racial slurs.” What exactly are the criteria for that charge? Let’s be exact. What is the legal definition of a racial slur, in writing, from the law books? Did the witness have Walp on video or tape? Did any police witness anything, other than the flag?

“Hate speech,” for example, is not really legal term. It is the most vague, emotional, “liberal” accusation which oedipal white liberals make against other whites, using any and every non-white race as their tool. Most of this is based on attorneys’ free-wheeling application of general concepts from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), and it is clearly produced an unending stream of lucrative, fame-grabbing, court-overloading cases throughout the country. It is wholly subjective, infantilizing, utterly inconsistent, and makes mockery of freedom, manhood, and character. (Even in Japan, there remains a issue between media and actual law.)

We still don’t know what Darren Walp said.

Harassment? Whom did he harass? Did he have a weapon? Did he threaten anyone? Technically, what constitutes harassment in this case? Did anyone feel physically endangered? Did anyone lose a paycheck, have their electricity cut off, or have their BBQ grill knocked over? Did Walp stalk anyone? Did he single anyone out for concentrated “intimidation?” This is an acute vagary.

Criminal trespassing? That might be legitimate, but even in this charge, there is fundamental uncertainty. All kinds of people, visitors, relatives, etc., come and go in apartment complexes. They are not accused of criminal trespassing. Was this “Royal Court Apartment” complex, in New Jersey’s “most impoverished city” some kind of gated community? Do you have to show a photo ID to get in?

What about the millions of Mexicans and other foreigners who cross the U.S. borders daily? What about criminal trespassing there? What about La Raza, on the radio, in the news, in the media–and their endless stream of Mexican flags and anti-American verbal vomit? Isn’t that the equivalent of “bias intimidation”? Isn’t that the same as “hate speech?” Who’s kidding whom? Racist-based anti-Americanism is most definitely harassment, bias intimidation, and often performed by criminal trespassers.

We don’t know what Darren Walp said. We do know that waving a Confederate flag in Camden New Jersey was certainly a gesture of historical significance. We also know Toby Keith is from Oklahoma, though that’s probably unrelated, though the eastern half of the state (mostly the Indian tribes), sided with the Confederacy.

So, in the end, “rights” are for the non-white, non-Americans. This is what the white oedipal liberals are all about–destroying the heritage of their own fathers. They simply use race–the non-white races, to do it.

The liberal flag, the anti-American token banner.

Waving the Mexican flag, claiming America as Mexico, honoring the criminal trespassers, this is all wonderful for liberals. Waving the Confederate flag, which stood for the homeland, not for a political vagary or superior moral fantasy, is “intimidating.”

Mere wordicians, attorneys, rule America. It is autolytic. It is self-destructive. Law has become the curse of America. There is no feeling, no patriotism, nor love of land or country present in the law. The law is now to prevent patriotism. Patriotism is nationalism. Nationalism closes the door to anti-Americanism–which liberals thrive on.

Posted by David Yeagley

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