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Office Visits to counter pro-amnesty rallies in October

A very interesting post from about countering an amnesty rally in October. This follows this post about Roman Catholics who are standing against the bishops of their church on immigration!!!!! This follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what you can do click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.

Office Visits to counter pro-amnesty rallies in October

Open borders advocates are planning rallies set to happen this Saturday (October 5th) and next Tuesday (October 8th).

The events which pro-amnesty groups have named a "March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect" we think should focus on hard working Americans and their families rather than illegal workers and conscious law-breakers. Please participate and help us remind all Members of Congress of their number one job duty: the dignity and respect of American workers and American families.

Opposition groups are planning local rallies in cities across the country. These rallies will be taking place on Saturday. Then, the pro-amnesty activists will converge on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday to demand a blanket amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens and massive increases in legal immigration.

Instead of relying on political theater to get our message across, we are asking activists to visit their Member of Congress' local office this Friday, October 4th and next Monday, October 7th.

Here's what you can do to help counter open borders events:

1. Visit an office individually. A list of materials to deliver can be found later in this email. As a constituent, paying your Representative a visit can have a much bigger impact than a staged rally attended by illegal aliens and non-constituents.

2. Visit an office in a group. If you would like to organize a group of fellow activists to make a visit with you, email me and I can help you find attendees in your town! This is a good option for first time office visitors who may not feel comfortable going alone.

Why you should take a few minutes out of your day this Friday or next Monday to make a visit:

The pro-amnesty rallies are for a bill that doubles future immigration to 2 million per year.

They claim a lack of quality U.S. workers requires this doubling.

This is an insult to the dignity and intelligent of American workers, including the 20 million who want a full-time job but can't find one.

Materials to deliver to your Member's local office:

1. "BEWARE: House 'border bill' weakens current law"

2. Broad unemployment numbers by state

3. Congressman Steve Stockman's letter circulating among House Members addressing the dangers of a conference with the Senate amnesty bill.

4. Great questions if you encounter your Rep.

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