Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Parliament of Traitors and Whores‏

A timely post about from about the GOP leadership. This follows this post  about the president’s validity. In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

A Parliament of Traitors and Whores‏

Dear Patriot,

The Republican establishment just sold us out. Mitch McConnell received his $3 billion of silver to betray the base and the grassroots, via an amendment authored by Lamar Alexander. They're such sluts for a good porking, and their explanation strains credulity: we had to spend $3 billion on a dam to make sure the taxpayers didn't lose $160 million. That's Washington math at its finest.

President Obama made one concession: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius will certify that income verification measures are in place to verify eligibility for Obamacare subsidies. That certification will consist of a letter to Congress, and it will be followed by GAO reports that reveal how much of a liar Kathleen Sibelius is. And yes, that's right: those income verification measures weren't already in place.

It takes $2.9 billion to put Mitch McConnell on his knees before President Obama, whoring himself out and betraying his Kentucky constituents. There's no relief for the good people of Kentucky or their families, who will see their premiums go up and their available providers go down. Their senator didn't bother to insist that President Obama face the music for his unconstitutional and illegal delay of the employer mandate, or the out of pocket limits, until 2015. There's good money to be made betting on another delay in 2015.

This is war. We're not going to stand by as the whores in Washington betray us and their constituents to send money to their crony sugar daddies, including the pharmaceutical companies who stand to make an estimated $35 billion in profits from Obamacare. We're not going to stand by while insurance companies charge their policyholders huge premium increases for out of pocket limits that won't be in place until 2015. We're going to burn Mitch McConnell and his parliament of whores at the stake in 2014 and 2016. That's right, we're coming in multiple election cycles for revenge.

Washington might not be helping you, or working families, but it's damn sure taking care of its own. Take recently deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg's widow, whose worth is $56 million: the Senate made sure she got another $174,000 of your money as a final payout. They did this while you're struggling to make ends meet, because what's another $174,000 of somebody else's money among millionaire politicians and their families?

These 81 whores curbstomped liberty and defecated on the Constitution yet again tonight. We aren't going to forget. We're coming in 2014, and they will hear us coming. They will remember this day and rue it, and we will pour forth the fires of your wrath upon their heads. We're not running away, and we are not beaten. This is but one battle, and we are turning tonight's defeat into a historic triumph.

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