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Israeli Planes Land in S. Arabia to Attack Iran: No, There’s No Thaw of Islamic World Hatred for Jews, Israel

A very interesting post from http://www.debbieschlussel.com/ about Israel's previous plans to fight Iran. This follows this post about Russia rebuilding its Soviet shere of influence. This follows this article about American energy independence and preventing money from going to hostile countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For more that you can do to get involved click HERE and read this very interesting book HERE!

Israeli Planes Land in S. Arabia to Attack Iran: No, There’s No Thaw of Islamic World Hatred for Jews, Israel

By Debbie Schlussel

There are reports throughout the Islamic world that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) planes landed in Saudi Arabia and unloaded equipment in possible preparation for attack on Iran and its nuclear weapons.  (Read the full details at The JIDF.)

Assuming the reports are true (and they may not be), that’s great, because it shows the world is finally ready to allow the Jews to do the job the rest of the world won’t do–destroy Iran’s nuclear doomsday ambitions and capabilities. Yes, even the Saudis–through their actions with this–are proving they cannot do the job, but need the Jews to do their dirty work.

But don’t believe the hype that this means any sort of thaw of Islamic world hatred for the Jews and Israel. It means no such thing. It’s merely a confirmation of what is well-known to anyone who knows anything about the machinations of the Middle East and the ancient rift in Islam. Sunni Arabs–the Saudis and many other Arab nations–hate Shi’ite Muslims so badly that they are even willing to temporarily, briefly “infect” themselves with Jewish Israeli presence to defeat the Shi’ites. And as we all know, the Shi’ite world is run and funded from Tehran–whether it’s the Iraqi Sh’ites “free elections” installed–all of whom take their directions from Iran’s ayatollahs, or whether it’s Hezbollah running Lebanon and the Assads in Syria–all of whom get their orders from Iran. I’ve read plenty of fatwahs over the years from some of the top Sunni clerics, stating that even the animal slaughter for food “by the People of the Book” (the Jews) is far more acceptable to the halal slaughter of Shi’ites. This isn’t about any sort of warming up to Israel or the Jews–whom they continue to hate just as deeply as ever before. It’s about defeating the burgeoning and succeeding Shi’ite Revolution.

Yes, they hate the Jews and always will, but the Saudi royals want to keep their luxe lifestyles, palaces, and Swiss chalets. And they won’t be able to, if Iran takes over. That’s what the IDF planes landing there is all about. Nothing more. It’s no great revolutionary Middle East peace initiatve. Not even close.

And, yes, often Sunnis and Shi’ite work together against Israel, America, Christians, and Jews–as with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah working together in various terrorist attacks against the U.S. and Israel and as with the Sunni and Shi’ite nations all voting against the U.S. and Israel in the United Nations. But, at the heart of it all, they don’t trust each other and often employ us and Israel in their civil battles and clashes between uncivilizations. That’s what this is, with the Israeli planes. But it’s in Israel’s and the West’s best interest, so they’re taking advantage of it.

In fact, we don’t know what kind of quid pro quo Israel was forced to make to the Saudis behind the scenes in exchange for this . . . like giving the Palestinians a State, forcing more Jews to leave their homes in Israel and turn them over to the Palestinians, or who knows what?

So, don’t take the reports of IDF planes in Saudi Arabia to mean anything monumental, anything extraordinary. It’s simply a matter of Sunnis employing the Jews to save their asses from the Shi’ites because they can’t do it themselves.

And in that all of us who take pride in the West should take great satisfaction. Take pride that when it comes down to it, they can’t rely on their fictional allah, but instead must rely on the evil JOOOOOS.

But there is no peace here. Not a chance.

Hey, Muslims, Israelhu Akbar.

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