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Obama's Liberal Puppet, John Boehner, Is Destroying America‏

A timely post about from HTTPS://PrayFor.US about problems from John Boehner. This follows this post about beheadings in Brazil in the run-up to the World Cup.  In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.
Obama's Liberal Puppet, John Boehner, Is Destroying America

It's now clear that the House of Representatives, which has a Republican majority, is actually being controlled by Obama.
America will continue to be dragged down into the sewers as long as Obama's liberal puppet, John Boehner, is the Speaker of the House.
This man had the audacity, after Christians and conservatives spoke out against the liberal GOP leadership's budget farce, to say that we are "ridiculous" and that we've "lost all credibility."
By supporting this bloated budget with its fake cuts and tax increases, Boehner has proven once again that he is not a conservative, or even an American, in his political outlook.
He is an internationalist one-worlder like Obama, who wants to crush the American economy so that we can become a United Nations lapdog protectorate, ruled by the liberal communist intelligentsia.
It's time for this liberal wolf in sheep's clothing to go! You must send FaxGrams to the House Tea Party Caucus today, or to the full GOP Caucus, and demand that they force John Boehner to resign as Speaker of the House!

Boehner says that conservatives have lost all credibility.
That's rich, coming from a man who has helped to oversee our national debt increasing by more than $6 TRILLION since he's been the supposedly "conservative" Speaker of the House.
Perhaps if we had an actual conservative working as the Speaker of the House, instead of Obama's liberal puppet Boehner, we would be able to start cutting wasteful government spending and reduce our $50+ trillion national debt (including unfunded liabilities).
Instead, we have John Boehner leading the Republican majority in the House, so we're stuck paying for Obamacare, subsidized abortions, sex changes for Democrats, death panels, bailouts for phony solar power plants, billions of dollars in boxes of cash to the Muslim Brotherhood...
We could go on and on and on with the things that Congress has passed under Boehner's watchful, teary, liberal puppet eyes, but the list would be too long for this message.
The House is supposed to control the purse-strings in Washington, but they've been giving Obama everything that he wants since Boehner became Speaker.
Oh, and one more thing. Washington insiders say that Boehner is waiting until after the state filing deadlines to run for office have passed, and then he's going to push amnesty through the House. He's waiting until it is too late for strong Christians and Tea Party candidates to register to run against him and his RINO allies next year.
It's just one more betrayal on the horizon if we allow this man to continue as Speaker of the House.
You've got to send FaxGrams to the House Tea Party Caucus today. Tell them to call for John Boehner's resignation as Speaker!
Boehner is both politically and biblically unfit to serve as the leader of the Republican-controlled House, which is why Pray For US is demanding his resignation.
Exodus 18:21 describes God's requirements for civil magistrates or representatives for the people:  "You shall provide out of all the people able men, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, and rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens."
God demands that representatives of the people must be honest and truthful, so that justice and our laws are not perverted.
We must demand these qualities of our elected officials or we are never going to regain God's blessings on our nation.
Boehner is an enemy of the Gospel and he is crushing the Body of Christ under Obama's agenda.
Tell the Republicans in the House to replace John Boehner today! We demand a conservative American to lead the House!
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God never asks His people to hide their eyes or duck their heads in the sand when they are confronted with evil.  We must not sit idly by and put our faith in politics or the next election to turn things around.
We must have a living faith and show that through our works! (James Chapter 2)
If you have any family members, friends or acquaintances who are fed up with John Boehner acting as Obama's puppet, please send them this link:
And if you have a conservative Representative in your congressional district, please call him or her after you've sent your FaxGrams. The number to the House switchboard in Washington, D.C. is 202-224-3121.
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