Thursday, December 12, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Budget Deal a Bust for Responsible Spending

A timely post from about the Ryan-Murray Budget deal's dangers to the U.S. This follows this post about fighting bad government in the U.S.  In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

ACTION ALERT: Budget Deal a Bust for Responsible Spending

Let’s cut to the chase.

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND TELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON THIS STINKY, CRUMMY BUDGET DEAL. They’re going to vote today or Friday so we MUST call NOW and every day until they vote. Tell them you will be watching to see how they vote.
Find Your Representative HERE

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

This new “bipartisan budget deal” cobbled together by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray behind closed doors smells like the rotten garbage we have become accustomed to see coming out of DC.

When DC reaches a bipartisan compromise on spending, taxpayers always lose. Compromise means, “Democrats get the spending they want AND Republicans get the spending they want.”

Heritage Foundation points out three simple facts about this deal:
  1. It busts through the so-called “spending caps” set in place by the sequester.
  2. It taxes and spends more.
  3. It spends now with supposed savings coming later.
They lied to us when they said the sequester cuts were permanent and yet they expect us to believe that spending cuts will tooootally happen in ten years as a result of this budget deal. There is no point in believing them. What is that old saying? Ah yes. How do you know if they’re lying? Their lips are moving.  The only thing that has ever forced them to stay true to their promises has been pressure from We the People. It falls to our shoulders, yet again, to push them into to doing the right thing.

Broken promise after broken promise, attacking conservatives for simply trying to hold them to the promises they made! It’s disgusting! They try to say that when spending goes down in one area that they are “cutting spending” even as overall spending increases. It’s funny, Paul Ryan used to call out the Democrats for using that rhetorical trick, but now he’s using it himself.

Here are our predictions about what is going to happen next.
  • The House will pass this budget deal.
  • In the Senate, Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, and John Cornyn will all vote no because they have primary challengers, knowing that it will pass anyway because the Democrats and other squishy Republicans will vote for it.
  • They will use this deal to grease the wheels for amnesty, making amnesty that much easier to pass.
  • The increase in taxes and fees will remain while the spending restraint will never happen because they will simply do what they are doing now, which is change the law to eliminate the spending cuts.
  • With this deal they are pushing the next round of budget talks out to 2015 so that they can focus on what’s important to them - reelection. Instead of tackling budget issues again in 2014, this deal allows them to avoid those talks during an election year.
  • They will use the extra time this gives them to co-opt new members that are elected in 2014.
  • Finally, the next budget, whenever that happens, won’t even keep these new higher levels of spending. We predict spending will increase again.

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