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December Toolkit‏

A timely post from about fighting bad government in the U.S. This follows this post about Nelsen Mandela's views of the U.S. This follows this post about the ACLU trampling religious practices.    In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

December Toolkit

December Toolkit Mini
December is the time of year when we get together with our families, reflect on the year past, and begin making plans for the coming year. During the holidays, many of us, understandably, take a break from politics and we focus on our families and other volunteer activities.
Politicians in Washington often use the month of December – while we are celebrating the holidays and enjoying time with our families – to pass unpopular pieces of legislation. You may recall that the Senate passed their version of Obamacare on December 24, 2009. Yes, they passed that abomination on Christmas Eve in 2009!
We can’t allow them to do that this year. Many Members of Congress have hinted that they will push their special-interest amnesty bill through while we aren’t paying attention. And, of course, Obamacare is continuing to be rolled out, despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly dislike the law.
We’ve put together a very simple toolkit for this month. It includes some facts and horror stories about Obamacare so you will be armed with the truth this month. We’ve also included a variety of sample letters to the editor.
So, after you’ve finished your Christmas shopping and finished wrapping presents, please consider using a few of these elements in the toolkit.
Happy Holidays!
The Tea Party Patriots Support Team

Sample Letters to the Editor

Sample Letter to Editor – Obamacare is Unraveling
Sample Letter to Editor – Amnesty’s Hollow Promises
Sample Letter to the Editor – One train wreck at a time

Stories: Impacting our Citizens

Immigration Stories - Victims of illegal immigration. Why Enforcing the Law Protects Citizens
Obamacare Stories - The Effects of Obamacare. Real Lives. Real Stories. Real Consequences

Social Media

Obamacare – Sample Tweets
Examples from Cleveland Tea Party on how to Use other Tweets to your Advantage

Citizen Rights Advocate

Become a Citizen Rights Advocate
Citizen Rights Advocate Badges

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