Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Help Your U.S. Representative Tell Boehner He/She OPPOSES AMNESTY

A very interesting post from about action to oppose John Boehner's postelection amnesty attempt. This follows this post about what to do with the government now!  This follows this post about political violence.  This follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what is happening in the nation now click here and you can read a very interesting book HERE!

Help Your U.S. Representative Tell Boehner He/She OPPOSES AMNESTY

Your current  U.S. Representative is just back at the Capitol today and considering whether to join or block Speaker Boehner in moving toward a mass amnesty -- YOUR FAX TODAY IS CRUCIAL

Regardless of your own party affiliation, I need your help with your  Rep. who has a crucial role to play this week in stopping the Republican leadership from promising to move an amnesty next year.

Help Your U.S. Representative Tell Boehner He/She OPPOSES AMNESTY

Speaker Boehner created a media frenzy last week by saying he was open to moving a mass amnesty in order to supposedly gain more Hispanic votes in the future.

Several of his House Republicans immediately said Boehner was wrong to say anything because he hasn't even talked with his Members yet.

Well, everybody is back today after a month of campaigning, and Boehner will hear this week whether the Republican House majority wants to remain the steadfast bulwark it has been for a decade against rewarding millions of immigration lawbreakers with jobs and citizenship.

Don't let your Representative think there is any reason to switch to a pro-amnesty position now.

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(When you click on the red button, you will see more background information if you need it. And you can keep clicking for many different text options for your fax. As always, you can modify and add to your message as much as you want. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO GET A FAX INTO THAT CONGRESSIONAL OFFICE SO IT CAN BE COUNTED.)

Chances are that your Rep. has always stood against amnesties to reward immigration lawbreaking. However, many previous anti-amnesty stalwarts are vulnerable at the moment because of the chorus of false claims that the elections last week were a mandate for an amnesty if Republicans ever hope to have power again.

Our NumbersUSA Hill Team is saying this morning that our closest Republican allies in Congress have every intention of standing firm, but they need your help in convincing other Republicans that they have no reason to be stampeded by an incredibly biased news media into violating their principles on amnesty.

If you bolster your Representative's confidence, that can help reassure Speaker Boehner and other GOP leaders that they don't need to make any concessions at this moment. Let's slow everything down and give people time to think.

Nearly all  Representatives were re-elected from districts that strongly oppose amnesty. Only a handful of those districts pose any threat to an incumbent based on his/her immigration positions.

Your only real influence over the powerful Speaker Boehner is through your own Representative. Thanks for sending this fax, as you have sent others the last few months.

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