Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ignore the Amnesty Decoy, real fight is in the states

A very interesting post from www.Alipac.US about the amnesty decoy by Sentors Hutchinson and Kyl. This follows this post about pro-amnesty actions in 3 States! .  This follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what is happening in the nation now click here and you can read a very interesting book HERE.

Ignore the Amnesty Decoy, real fight is in the states



 Friends of ALIPAC,

After intensive review, many of us believe that the current amnesty bill that has been filed by retiring sellout senators Hutchinson and Kyle is a decoy designed to test our responses.

The amnesty supporters have an orchestrated plan in place. They are not likely to try to pass the amnesty bill in the lame duck session and risk a loss to our side.

The current amnesty bill filed is likely designed to A. pull our attention away from the states where they are rushing to implement licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens and B. to analyze our strategic responses and communications abilities so they can fine tune their major amnesty push coming early in 2013!

Thus, we are advising our core activists and allied organizations not engage in full deployment against the current amnesty bill. We feel the current amnesty bill is a feigned left jab and we do not want our movement to step into the enemy's right hook!

Instead, please focus all of your calls and energies on these important state battles found at this link. This week IL will consider a bill to give licenses to illegals, if they get it they will use that win to establish momentum in other states.

While our team may even have a chance to turn back in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Texas where so many ALIPACers live!

We need your calls and emails in large volumes this week in these states to stall the illegal alien advance.

List of state campaigns at this link...


We made some great ground fighting tyrant Harry Reid's plans to take more power for himself in the US Senate last week. If you have not responded to this important call, please get on the horns to the US Senate to fight the rule change that could pass many Republic destroying provisions....


ALIPAC has proven adept at providing our supporters, the media, and allied organizations with solid strategies and analysis of the national battle against the elites facilitating the illegal alien invasion of our American homeland.

This week we advise you all to ignore the Senate decoy bill and focus all resources on the important state battles!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team


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