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Now more than ever, we must fight for freedom

A very interesting post from  about the growing influence of Islamic terrorism. This follows this post about the rebels in Syria, who the U.S. might be supporting. This follos this post about the Fort Hood shooter case. This follows this article about American energy independence and preventing money from going to hostile countries such as Iran . For more about what is happening in the nation now click here and you can read a very interesting book HERE.

Now more than ever, we must fight for freedom

One thing we have learned, or should have learned, in 2012 was that the old approaches haven’t worked. The organizations and think tanks that talk endlessly about the problem have failed. Enemies of freedom and enablers of Islamic supremacism are in the mainstream of the media, the government, the educational system, and the entertainment industry. Only one hope remains for free people: going over all their heads for a direct appeal to the people, and by doing so, forcing a public discussion of the issues that matter most in these dark days. And there is only one organization that is doing that, and forcing public discussion of the gravest threats to our freedom: our American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Once again, in 2012 our organization has done groundbreaking work with unprecedented results. There is no group that can match our effective guerrilla style media and legal warfare. And we had come off a very successful year in 2011 in defeating the Ground Zero mosque.

Here is just some of what we accomplished in 2012:

-- Our anti-jihad subway and bus campaigns have forced and are continuing to force a deeply compromised and willfully ignorant media to talk about what they otherwise refuse to discuss: jihad and sharia. We broke out of the ghetto that the media elites have reserved for voices that defend freedom, and made it impossible for them to avoid holding a public discussion and analysis of the most serious threat to our national security.

-- We are exploding the deceptions of Hamas-linked CAIR's cynical #MyJihad campaign with our own ad campaign depicting the actual words about Islam and jihad of actual jihadists.

-- We expanded the "Support Israel, Defeat Jihad" bus campaign to 100 NYC buses to include "Support the Troops, Defeat Jihad"; "Support the Copts, Defeat Jihad"; "Support the Bahais, Defeat Jihad"; "Support the Nigerian Christians, Defeat Jihad"; "Support the Hindus, Defeat Jihad"; et al.

-- We countered Hamas-linked CAIR's deceptive Qur'an ads that are designed to lull Americans into complacency about the jihad threat.

-- We won historic, landmark free speech cases in New York and Washington against politically correct transit officials who refused to run our pro-Israel ads after accepting vicious anti-Israel ads. These cases are crucial in these days of ever-increasing encroachment upon our freedom of speech, our fundamental bulwark against tyranny. See the stories in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Reuters.

-- Our anti-jihad conferences and freedom rallies in Stockholm; our bringing the truth to conservatives at CPAC 2012: Islamic Law in America; the Honor Killing Human Rights Conference in Dearborn; our Former Muslims for Freedom conference in Manhattan Beach; and our First International Freedom Congress at the UN on 9/11 raised awareness of these crucial issues across the world. No one had ever focused so much attention to the plight of Muslim apostates and honor killing victims; the exposure of Sharia’s human rights abuses put the Islamic supremacists in the U.S. on the defensive for the first time ever.

-- We exposed pro-sharia media bias when we submitted an exact replica of an anti-Catholic ad that ran in the New York Times, exchanging the falsehoods about Catholicism with truth about Islam. The New York Times refused our ad, but ran the anti-Catholic ad. It made television and mainstream media news round the world, shedding light on media duplicity and hypocrisy.

We never retreat. We refuse to accept a dark future. We fight. We will continue on the offense, but we can't do it without funds.

No one is pushing back and getting the results that AFDI and SIOA has gotten. No one. But we can’t do it alone. We have no big foundations funding us, no big endowment. We can’t do it on fumes.

Every dollar you contribute to AFDI/SIOA goes to the fight. We don’t draw salaries. We don’t have expensive offices or a huge staff (in fact, we don’t have an office or a staff at all).

Please make an effective fight for freedom top priority in your end-of-the-year donations. Donate now to the most effective freedom fighters in the war of ideas today: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of AFDI.

Please donate via Paypal to  or tax-deductible to . And above all, fight for freedom. Never give up. Never give in.

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