Monday, December 31, 2012

Barack Obama: Domestic Policy: Epic Fail

A very interesting post from about the domestic policy of the president. This follows this post about a possible collapse of American society. This follows this post about alternatives to raising taxes for the Fiscal Cliff!  This follows this post about a race hoax at U.T. Austin.  This follows this post about Emmit Till. In the meantime, you can read a very interesting book HERE.

Barack Obama: Domestic Policy: Epic Fail

28.5 weeks, on average, spent unemployed for each American…the highest since 1948

• 18.6 million young people, age 16-24, unemployed as of June 2010

• 3.2 million more people out of labor force since the passage of Obama’s Stimulus Bill

• 10% unemployment rate since Obama took office; 17% when including those who used to have full-time jobs and have since had to take on part-time work

• 13.1% unemployment rate for Hispanics (was only 4.9% in 2006)           Young America’s Foundation • National Headquarters • F.M. Kirby Freedom Center

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