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IMPEACH Obama, Clintons, and their cronies!

A timely post from,, and about IMPEACHMENTS! This follows this post about the Supreme Court and the EPA. This follows this post about rap songs referencing Donald Trump.
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Hillary and FBI Director James ComeyHillary and FBI Director James Comey

Hillary Clinton Too Big To Jail—But Not Too Big To Impeach

Anyone who knows anyone in America’s intelligence community knows that they are absolutely incensed by Hillary’s email scandal—here’s a typical comment:
Regarding ‪#‎Clinton email issue just announced by the FBI director, here’s the deal. As an Army guy who works in Intel I could not even imagine sending something classified or on a sensitive topic over private email. And if I received an email like this I would immediately stop it and bring to the attention of the sender. This is NOT a political matter in my eyes, it is a national security matter and anyone who has handled classified or sensitive content/emails 100% knows (or should know) protocol on this.
Here’s Glenn Reynolds (link in original, emphases added):
FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI will not recommend charges against Hillary. Although he said that there was extreme “carelessness” in handling classified information, the lack of intent to violate the law precluded prosecution. That’s a bit of a surprise given that the Department of Justice is currently prosecuting Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier for a similar crime where no intent was involved. This gives rise to suspicions, verging on certainty, that the law is different when your name is Clinton, that laws are for the “little people” and not those in charge.
The obvious answer to this flagrantly unequal, Third World-style “justice”: the Congressional GOP should simply announce that, if Clinton is elected President, they will impeach her. has repeatedly argued that the seismic stress on American institutions caused by nation-breaking immigration will ultimately have to be relieved by impeachment—of legislating judges, of public officials, of Presidents. The Stupid Party, of course, has reacted stupidly, not noticing that Democrats regularly discuss impeachment when they think they might benefit (another reason Donald Trump should select an immigration-patriot VP).
It’s a vulgar error to think that impeachment is only appropriate in the case of a crime, as I explained here. But Hillary Clinton quite clearly has committed a crime.
What is the GOP waiting for—ah, fuhgeddaboutit.

James Comey Freed These Islamic Terrorists, Got Them Citizenship, Prosecuted Feds Who Pursued Them

By Debbie Schlussel
Hillary’s James Comey . . .

. . . Freed These Islamic Terrorists, Gave Them Citizenship & Prosecuted the Feds Who Investigated, Tried & Convicted Them

FBI Director James Comey has a history of looking the other way–and even working to free–hardened criminals, including Islamic terrorists. And he also has a history of going after Feds who got guilty verdicts against those Islamic terrorists . . . going after them for far less than what Hillary Clinton did. Comey does justice to the FBI nickname, Famous But Incompetent.

Longtime readers of this site should be familiar with James Comey, and they shouldn’t be surprised that, despite overwhelming evidence that Hillary Clinton committed several federal crimes, Comey worked overtime to look the other way and give her a pass. As I’ve told many readers and friends who’ve asked, Hillary Clinton was never going to be indicted. But having James Comey lead the “investigation” of her, sealed her free-as-a-bird card.
It was obvious to me that it was decided long ago that Comey would see no evil no matter what when it came to the Clintons. It was obvious that the three-hours-plus interview of Hillary Clinton was a mere formality–a show interview–and a waste of time, given that, less than two days later, Comey had already scheduled his press conference announcing his decision. I’ve never ever heard of the FBI interviewing a suspect in a major investigation like that and already coming to a conclusion a mere couple of days later over a prolonged holiday weekend. Just doesn’t happen . . . unless the fix is in. As it was here.
Many overrated prognosticators, commentators, talk show hosts, and analysts, including Rush Limbaugh, have wrongly claimed that Comey is a “straight shooter.” But they just didn’t know what they were talking about and couldn’t be more wrong in that assessment. I’ve warned you about James Comey for years.
As I’ve told you previously on this site, Comey led the team to free four Islamic terrorists. The men, Farouk Ali-Haimoud, Ahmed Hannan, Karim Koubriti, and Abdel Ilah Elmardoudi, were known as the “Detroit Terror Cell,” and were discovered by FBI agents in a house on Norman Street in Detroit after the 9/11 attacks. The men, most of them visa overstays or here illegally, were found when the FBI visited the last known Detroit residence of Nabil Al-Marabh, who was known as Osama Bin Laden’s assistant and was then on the top ten of the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
The four men had various plots in the planning stages, including poisoning water in Michigan and Ohio, blowing up cites in Disneyland and Vegas hotels (they had video surveillance of both), blowing up the U.S. Air Force base in Incirlik, Turkey from which American and Israeli military planes took off, and bombing the Queen Alia Hospital in Jordan. The terrorists’ video surveillance of Disneyland featured them singing about jihad and destroying America in the background. When agents raided their home, they found diagrams of the Incirlik base, including diagrams of U.S. AIWACS planes and Israeli F-16s and details of the order in which the American and Israeli planes took off. They also found a cheat sheet for the Commercial Driver’s License exam. The men trained for CDLs and HazMat hauling certificates through tax-funded job training at the Muslim-dominated ACCESS (the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services), to the tune of several thousand dollars.
Because of James Comey, all four of these men are now U.S. citizens. One of them, Karim Koubriti, is not only now a citizen, but he has that Commercial Driver’s License he was seeking, and he’s driving trucks all over America . . . thanks to James Comey.
As I told you years ago on this site, my friends, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Convertino and FBI counterterrorism agent Mike Thomas, were on the case. The Feds gave them no support. It was the first jury trial of terrorists after 9/11. And the four terrorists were convicted by a federal jury.
But for politically-correct reasons, the Feds didn’t like the fact that Muslims were convicted of terrorism. And this was under George W. Bush and John Ashcroft, NOT Barack Obama and Loretta Cankles Lynch. So, they worked behind Convertino’s and Thomas’ back and sought the tiniest shred of evidence, the most weak grounds to overturn the conviction.
And JAMES COMEY led the “team.” At the time, Comey was the top deputy to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. And because of James Comey, Islamic terrorists Farouk Ali-Haimoud, Ahmed Hannan, Karim Koubriti, and Abdel Ilah Elmardoudi are living free in our midst and are American citizens.
James Comey looked the other way for these four terrorists the same way he looked the other way for Hillary Clinton. He worked overtime to free these four convicted terrorists, the same way he worked overtime to keep Hillary Clinton free.
But that wasn’t all he did. James Comey also headed the (In)Justice Department team that went after both prosecutor Convertino and FBI agent Thomas on the flimsiest of grounds. Comey led the team that indicted Convertino and Thomas. Yes, you read that right: James Comey prosecuted a prosecutor and an FBI agent for the “crimes” of investigating, prosecuting and convicting Islamic terrorists who were planning various terrorist attacks against America.
Both Convertino and Thomas were acquitted. But they spent endless hours, dollars, and years of stress trying to prove their innocence. Two U.S. federal juries–the one that acquitted Convertino and Thomas and the one that convicted the Detroit Terror Cell members–said they were terrorists who wanted to attack us. But James Comey said otherwise.
Just like James Comey claimed Hillary didn’t commit a crime by intentionally and illegally using a private server to send classified information out.
That’s the James Comey I warned you about when he became FBI Director. That’s the same James Comey I saw lying through his teeth and looking the other way yesterday for criminal Hillary Clinton just as he did with the Detroit Terror Cell terrorists.
The fix is in for those who hate us, whether they are Islamic terrorists or spoiled brat millionairess liars running for Prez.
And James Comey has their back. Not yours.

A Corrupt Bargain: Hillary To Reappoint Lynch As Attorney General

By Dick Morris

On Sunday, July 3rd, The New York Times printed what can only be called a sales receipt sealing the deal whereby the Clintons bought the cooperation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch return for a promise to reappoint her. The Times story featured the following quote:
“Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton say she may decide to retain Ms. Lynch, the nation’s first black woman to be attorney general, who took office in April 2015.”
The damning quote was inserted into the Times story to confirm to Lynch that her message had been received and acknowledged by Hillary’s people. The deal was set: No indictment in return for reappointment.
In light of the timing of events over the past few days, anyone with an ounce of sense must dismiss the idea that the sequence of meetings and statements was merely coincidental. It was all planned.
Did Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch happen to be on the same tarmac at the same time on Thursday, June 30th? No way. A Congressional committee should put both under oath and ask the question. (Although swearing Bill in to tell the truth under oath is, perhaps, pointless). Doubtless, an intermediary such as former Attorney General Eric Holder was involved in arranging the meeting.
Was it coincidental that no media was allowed and photographs were prohibited? And that the story only leaked because someone in Justice let it out? Of course it was not.
And, during the meeting, what happened? A great deal more than a discussion of grandchildren. Likely Lynch told Bill that his wife wouldn’t be indicted and, perhaps, even coached her — through him — about what to say at her deposition two days hence.
And, in return, one can easily imagine a hearty handshake from the former president and a bromide like “I want you to know that both Hillary and I deeply admire the job you are doing as Attorney General and would be honored to have you continue to work closely with us in the future.” Translation: reappointment. A corrupt bargain.

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