Monday, July 11, 2016

Editorial: Do Police deserve Due Process?...And Freedom of Speech??


As you know, there have been demonstrations against police shootings, most recently in Minnesota and Louisiana. The only evidence has been video feed which was repeatedly shown on TV to incite demonstrations, protests, and, in Dallas, five murders. The two police in Minnesota and Louisiana haven't been convicted of anything, but are being subjected to being presumed guilty by mobs around the U.S. Where is their due process?

In addition, in the city of El Paso, the chief of police, Greg Allen, has bravely attempted to get a handle on the source of some of these murders, but he also is not being given due process. His courage in his statements, knowing that he would receive backlash from the intolerant, shows how dedicated he is to solving these problems.

The #WarOnCops continues to show that #CopLivesMatter, and #BlueLivesMatter are more important than ever!

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