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Black Lives Matter, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Cable TV Have 5 Cops’ Blood on Their Hands

A timely post from about the terrorism of Black Lives Matter. This follows this post about IMPEACHMENTS This follows this post about rap songs referencing Donald Trump.
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Black Lives Matter, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Cable TV Have 5 Cops’ Blood on Their Hands

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s official: Black Lives Matter is the new terrorism. The Black Lives Matter movement has yet more cops’ blood on their hands. This time, it’s the five police officers murdered in cold blood in Dallas and the other seven officers who were shot, some in very serious condition and fighting to stay alive. But who also has the police officers’ blood on their hands? ALL of the cable news networks (CNN, MSNBC, and yes, FOX News) and all of the other media outlets, who repeatedly played video of the two Black men who were shot by police. And Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder, who’ve spent the last few years vilifying police and doing nothing to calm and heal America by asking for an end to the cop-killing violence.

It doesn’t matter who shot and murdered the five police officers in Dallas, though we already know that at least one of the suspects is Black. We know that the Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about cops’ lives. They also don’t care about the fact that more unarmed Whites have been killed by police than Blacks. There is no White Lives Matter movement of protesters on the street. There is no White Lives Matter movement that has fostered the environment in which police officers are murdered in cold blood around the country since the movement started its protests, riots, and resultant looting. Remember, police officers were wantonly murdered in New York and elsewhere around the country after the Black Lives Matter movement started. That happened repeatedly before this latest slaughter in Dallas, last night. The media keeps telling us last night’s murderous Black Lives Matter protest was “peaceful.” Um, no it wasn’t. BLM by definition means open war on cops. And we got the natural result of what they’ve been preaching for two years: “kill the pigs.” This massacre of police officers was no surprise. It was predictable. And to be expected.
Then, there’s Barack Obama, who has a history of attacking police from his bully pulpit at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He began attacking police when he said they “acted stupidly” after a Cambridge, Massachusetts police officer arrested Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr. His “Beer Summit” between the two at the White House was just grandstanding phoniness for the cameras because Obama didn’t really make peace with the police. Since the Ferguson incident in which Michael Brown tried to take officer Darren Wilson’s gun and kill him, Barack Obama continued his public assault of police. His speech yesterday, after the two videos of the two Black men tragically killed by police were released, was more egging on of violence against police. He is part of the problem, NOT the solution.
And then there is the media, including “conservative” FOX News, which have been playing the videos of the killing of the Black men non-stop, as if in a loop. Yet, none of them have played any videos of unarmed White men being shot and killed by police. Why is that?
A cellphone video of an unarmed White man shot and killed by police in Fresno was released to the media, yesterday, and yet it was not played on CNNMSNBCFOXNEWS. Why not? Because only Black Lives Matter. Get it?
But even if the media had shown that video and others like it endlessly, would White people march in the streets across America and riot and loot? Would they target police with sniper fire? No. It doesn’t happen. It hasn’t happened. And it won’t happen.
This is a cultural problem in which Black America plays the victim, thinks it is the only target for problems, persecution, and abuse. They have a chip on their shoulder. The police killings of the two Black men in the videos are tragic and sad. And the men didn’t deserve what happened to them, if we are to base our judgments solely on the videos, which show only certain points in time and not the whole picture. But what about the killings of others? Nobody cares.
And then there are Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. Their (In)Justice Department has looked the other way when the chosen White liberal criminal breaks the law. See Hillary Clinton, etc. But Lynch, Holder, et al worked overtime to go after municipalities like Fergustan and their police departments, even though they begrudgingly, quietly admitted–as they did in the report on Ferguson–that the officer, Darren Wilson, did not violate anyone’s civil rights. Yet, despite this, the Obama-Holder-Lynch Justice Department shoved all kinds of “civil rights” measures down the throat of Ferguson and its police department, as well as other cities across America. All in the name of “stopping” police “racism” that doesn’t exist. They and the Department of Homeland Security warned of White conservative Americans as the terrorist threat on our soil, not the Black Lives Matter movement.
More Black men kill Black men than any other source. And even more Black men would be killed were it not for the police, in many cases White police officers. If I were a cop today, I’d quit. It’s just not worth it. There is open season on them, your life is at risk, and the pay is low plus the hours are long. Every day could be the last day, with incredible risks on the job. Now, there are BLM terrorists shooting them down. Why do this job?
Let’s see what happens on the streets of America’s inner cities and urban settings if there are no police.
I note that even after police were being hunted by animals at the BLM protest in Dallas, the police were concerned with the safety of the protesters and ushering them to shelter. Let’s see what happens to Black Lives Matter protests on unprotected streets. Chaos.
We need a President, we need a media, and we need a Black and Liberal America who act with responsibility, who act like civic citizens.
We don’t have that now. We just have growing anarchy.
Pray for the families of the five police officers who were murdered. Pray for the police officers who are holding on to their dear lives at Dallas hospitals. May the officers who died rest in peace.
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