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Wknd Box Office: November Man, Life of Crime, As Above/So Below, Land Ho!, What If, May in the Summer

Here is an interesting article from http://www.debbieschlussel.com/ reviewing some of the movies that came out over the past weekend. This follows this post about some of the movies from last week and THIS POST about some movies that have been released over the past few years that you might have missed! This all follows this post about guidelines to choosing good movies to watch yourself!

Wknd Box Office: November Man, Life of Crime, As Above/So Below, Land Ho!, What If, May in the Summer

By Debbie Schlussel
Didn’t get to the rest of my movie reviews for this weekend until now because I’ve been experiencing one of my horrible migraine headaches. In any event, the only movie I really liked, this weekend, was a small-budget, arthouse movie that might not be playing in your neighborhood, but which you probably can already order online at this point. Oh, and did I mention that one of the new movies is a bore by a lesbian Palestinian who takes false digs at Israel?



* “The November Man“: Read my complete review of Pierce Brosnan’s disgusting love letter to Islamic terrorists, chock full of absurd America hatred.
* “Life of Crime“: This movie, based on Elmore Leonard’s novel, “Switch,” seems dated. And I’m not referring to the late’70s setting. The plot seems like I’ve seen it before, and I have. It’s a mild re-run of the far superior 1986 movie, “Ruthless People.”
In this version, it’s 1978 Detroit, and a rich real estate guy (Tim Robbins) is cheating the government and his wife (Jennifer Aniston) out of about a million dollars in rent he collects from his apartments in the city and investments elsewhere. Some crooks learn about this, and they kidnap his wife to get that money in ransom. They team with a weirdo neo-Nazi. But the husband doesn’t want to pay because he is about to divorce his wife and is cheating on her with Isla Fisher (Mrs. Borat).
While I liked the period clothing, cars, and sets, I found this movie to be only mildly entertaining. It moves very slowly, and as I said, seems to be a stale plot I’ve seen done better, before. It’s also overloaded with cliches. And in the end, Aniston gets Stockholm Syndrome and sympathizes with her sleazy captors. Nobody in this movie is likable, so you really don’t give a crap about what happens to any of them. I certainly didn’t. Nor did I care for the two gratuitous topless sex shots that added nothing and were completely unnecessary.
And, by the way, one of the co-stars of this movie, Yasiin Bey a/k/a Mos Def (slave name: Dante Terrell Smith), is an extremist Muslim and anti-American propagandist who has an unrequited mancrush on Islamic terrorists at Gitmo. Per usual with any films in which he “acts,” I needed a translator to understand what purported to be his spoken English.
Not worth ten bucks or two hours of your time.

* “As Above/So Below“: This horror thriller was scary and entertaining (though sometimes laughable) until the end, when I felt like I’d been on a pointless, wild goose chase. The story: a young, beautiful, genius archaeologist hires a French guide to take her and a friend through the catacombs below Paris, where millions of bodies are buried. She’s searching for the tomb of an ancient philosopher who was believed to have come up with a formula for alchemy: to change ordinary materials into gold. Her friend is an expert in Aramaic, in which the clues and the formula are written.
But the catacombs and certain tunnels within them are considered to be cursed, and people who’ve tried to enter them have never returned. And throughout the catacombs horrors and accidents await the group.
Like I said, this was entertaining and engrossing, until the end when you realize you just wasted nearly two hours of your time on nothing. I did appreciate, however, that most of the scariness was psychological and there wasn’t a lot of gore or blood until the last third of the movie (and it was still comparatively less than most movies of this kind today).

* “Land Ho!“: I really enjoyed this movie, even if it is a little bit (actually a lot) of a self-absorbed conceit. It was funny, entertaining, and a nice, relaxing travelogue of Iceland, as two men from America go visit.
The story: Two former brothers-in-law (they were once married to sisters, whom they both divorced long ago) have remained friends for years in New Orleans. One of them, a horribly inappropriate, retired doctor (Earl Lynn Nelson), is a native Southerner, who grew up in Kentucky. The other (Paul Eenhoorn) is a transplant from Australia. Now, they are in their senior years and the twilight of their lives. The doctor is wealthy and buys the two of them tickets to Iceland for a trip that he pays for entirely.
The movie follows the men on tour through Iceland as they discuss their lives and interact with various people, including the doctor’s much younger niece and her friend, who make a visit. The funniest part is when, after giving her his credit card to buy something “sexy” for a night out on the town, the doctor tells his young cousin that what she bought looks like she “raided Janet Reno’s closet” and picked a “lesbo tennis dress.” But I gotta point out that earlier, he tells her her that her very cute shirt looks matronly, I laughed because I own the same very cute shirt by a very tony designer (I bought mine on super-sale for $20).
It’s not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but it is nice and relaxing and is very funny. That said, the funniness is mostly as a result of the filthy and extremely inappropriate things the doctor says, so it is not for prudes. The actors, all unknowns, are very good.

* “What If“: Daniel Radcliffe plays Wallace, a medical school dropout who doesn’t seem to have a job, but lives a fun life. He’s brooding over his “boring” life and the fact that he caught his girlfriend cheating and they broke up. But, then, at a party, he meets the girl of his dreams, Chantry (Zoe Kazan). Thing is, she has a boyfriend. He spends the rest of the movie being friends with her and trying to steal her away from her boyfriend. Yes, the movie is predictable, so you can guess what happens. On the other hand, it was somewhat charming, even though I feel like I’ve seen this movie a gazillion times already with countless other actors. I did especially hate the boyfriend in this movie, since he is a pretentious, self-important United Nations employee.

* “May in the Summer“: This boring, pointless waste of time is written and directed by and stars Cherien Dabis, an anti-Israel, Palestinian lesbian. That should be enough to warn you off, but just in case it isn’t here’s more.
May (Dabis) is a Jordanian Palestinian Christian who is engaged to a Muslim. She’s come to Jordan for the summer to prepare for the wedding and visit her divorced parents. Her mother, an “intolerant” born again Christian, is upset and opposes the marriage. Can you blame her? She tries to do a “rope” spell on the impending marriage and says she is not attending the wedding. May’s father is an American diplomat who is married to a much younger Indian woman but is cheating on her with his first wife, May’s mother. May’s sisters, including one who is a lesbian, are also in Jordan for the summer (they all live in the U.S.). May, a writer of a book on Arabic proverbs, is unsure whether or not she should get married and spends most of the movie contemplating this. Life is way too short to spend watching endless shots of an anti-Israel, anti-American, Palestinian lesbian pouting and sullenly staring. Who the heck cares? Not me.
Like I said, boring, slow, pointless . . . unless the non-stop digs at Israel, all of them false, are the point. By the way, Israel does not have landmines in the water “to keep the refugees out.” Um, with over two million Palestinian citizens of Israel, it did a pretty bad job of “keeping them out.”
I’m not surprised at the tone of this movie, as Dabis has made similar movies like this, such as the horribly anti-American, anti-Israel propaganda movie, “Amreeka,” which was produced by ImageNation Abu Dhabi. This is more of the same, just more boring. Also, it’s full of conceited shots of Dabis running around Jordan in skimpy outfits and having Jordanian/Palestinian Muslims ogle her. “Look at me, the hot Palestinian femme lesbian!”
Sickens me that Paris’ Gaumont Theater, which was once owned by my relatives, is showing this crappy movie.
One other thing: this movie features almost all of the same Arab actors you always see in all of the anti-Israel movies (Hiam Abbass and Alexander Siddig, whose uncle once headed the Arab Muslim Sudanese regime that murdered countless Blacks in the country, most of them Christians). And it’s released–of course!–by the Jewish distributor, Cohen Media Group (owned by real estate developer Charles S. Cohen), which puts out most of the anti-Israel arthouse movies. As I’ve always said, Jews are the Jews’ own worst enemies.

Pierce Brosnan Wants You to Know Chechen Muslims Aren’t Terrorists, America Is – “The November Man”

By Debbie Schlussel
I used to like actor Pierce Brosnan . . . until I saw his new virulently anti-American movie, pan-Muslim “The November Man.” The cliche-ridden film, which he executive-produced and in which he stars, debuted in theaters this week. The theme of the movie is that America is the villain of the world and that all Chechnyan Muslim terrorist attacks were really perpetrated by the CIA to frame the poor Muslims and help Russia. Huh?

Yup, this is the America that made Irish immigrant Brosnan fabulously rich and famous beyond his wildest dreams. And he repays us with America hatred on the silver screen. America hatred that is absolutely false and defamatory. The silver screen slander is absolutely disgusting.

Did the CIA and America really perpetrate the 2004 Beslan school massacre and not the Chechen Muslims who took over 1,100–most of them children–hostage and murdered 334? Did America and its CIA–and not Chechen Muslims–attack Moscow’s Dubrovka Theater, taking nearly 1,000 people hostage and killing 130 of them? Of course not. Brutal, hardened Chechen Muslim terrorists perpetrated these violent Muslim attacks. And Chechen Muslim terrorists have proudly joined their fellow co-religionists in ISIS for jihad over in Syria and Iraq.
But Pierce Brosnan’s absurd propaganda movie–posing as an action thriller flick–wants you to think that America is behind it all. That’s the central narrative of Brosnan’s latest, America-hating star vehicle–that America wants to set up and frame Muslims to help evil Russian rapists and war criminals gain power in Europe. If anything, in reality, the CIA sets up everyone else against the Muslims, as the agency has been–from its very inception–a pan-Arabist, pro-Muslim, anti-Israel, anti-American organization that would never dream of doing anything like what is done in this movie. Not even close, because the agency would never ever make Muslims look bad to the benefit of everyone else. Just the opposite in fact.
The story: Brosnan is a retired CIA assassin who fought for the good guys and is now retired and outta the biz. But he is drawn back in when a woman is spying for the CIA on a top Russian official (a former general who is seeking to become the country’s President). But the woman is found out and so the CIA murders her (“to get rid of loose ends”) just after Brosnan saves her. It turns out the woman is the love of Brosnan’s life and the mother of his young daughter. She obtained photos of young girls the Russian official raped (all of whom it conveniently turns our are Chechen Muslims).
Brosnan finds out that the shooter who killed his babymama is his young, smart protege, whom he mentored in the CIA and who was his closest friend at the time. The whole rest of the movie involves Brosnan trying to protect a young Chechen woman, whose family was killed by the Russian official, after the U.S. bombed a building and made it look like the Chechen Muslims did it. The Russian official raped the woman for years after that. Brosnan is trying to find which of two top CIA officials (both of whom he used to work with) ordered the terrorist attack to unfairly frame the innocent, victimized Chechen Muslim terrorists.
The movie is James Bond light and, at age 61, Brosnan is still trying to be James Bond, a position from which he was deposed well over a decade ago. This film comes complete with has-been Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko as the innocent Chechen Muslim who was raped by the Russian general, after her family was murdered by him with the help of America and the CIA.
Like I said, Pierce Brosnan, with this movie, gives a giant F-U to America. And, if he thinks we are so bad–as America is the blatant villain in this movie–why does he still live here and make millions off of the American moviegoing public? Because we’re suckers, and he knows he can get away with it. Nobody seems to care that he made this America-hating movie. Except me and you.
In the movie, the head CIA official who set the whole thing up sums up why he promoted Russians who rape children and did it by blowing up buildings and framing Chechen Muslims:
“East versus West, that’s old news. Us versus the Middle East: I can live with. That’s our fight.”
Brosnan–who looked quite old and haggard in this–has already announced he’s making a sequel to this movie. I can only imagine the premise: that America–not ISIS–is raping, torturing, and murdering thousands all over the world and setting up ISIS to take the blame.
Heck, that’s already the going theory throughout the paranoid Muslim world, which “The November Man” plays right into. And all you need to do is substitute ISIS for Chechen Muslim terrorists in this movie. The message would still be the same:
Muslim terrorists: they didn’t do it, evil America did.
Thanks, Pierce Brosnan, for the tip. Now, go the hell back to Ireland.
**** UPDATE: Since there seems to be some confusion among certain readers, let the record reflect that I’m well aware and have noted on this site and elsewhere many times over the course of my life that the CIA is pan-Arabist/pro-Muslim, and anti-Israel. As I noted in a review of a similar movie in 2008:
“I’m no fan of the CIA, as I believe the agency is pan-Arabist, anti-American, and works counter to the goals of our country. Scholar Laurie Mylroie has written some excellent books on this. This movie essentially makes the same point. Except that the point of this movie is really not about the CIA. It’s against America in general. And that’s why it’s wrong.
I repeat that sentiment with regard to this atrocious movie, “The November Man.” If this movie had portrayed America as setting everyone else up to look bad, in order to help Muslims and make them look good and benefit from it, then this movie would have been accurate. Unfortunately, the movie shows just the opposite, as my review makes quite clear.

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