Tuesday, September 9, 2014

President Delays Executive Amnesty; Tell Him to Cancel Plans

An interesting article from www.Numbersusa.com about the delay in executive amnesty. This follows this post about the midterm elections that you should begin supporting your closest candidates for! Remember, “Amnesty” means ANY non-enforcement of existing immigration laws! This follows this comment and this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what you can do click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.
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President Delays Executive Amnesty; Tell Him to Cancel Plans

Dear President Barack Obama,
While I and millions of other Americans are glad that you have delayed your executive amnesty plans by two months, it is still disheartening that you still intend on following through with this mistake. I hope you will use the next two months to consider how damaging this amnesty would be for America's unemployed and underemployed.
The American people, including a majority of voters from both parties, are against any efforts to give amnesty and work permits to illegal aliens, especially while the border remains porous and illegal aliens are flooding in. Giving an amnesty to illegal aliens while people are still able to cross the border with ease would only encourage more illegal immigration.

Indeed, a recent poll conducted by the polling company shows that 56% of Democratic voters are against your plans to unilaterally amnesty illegal aliens. Democrats know that doing so would irrevocably harm the 18 million Americans unable to find a full-time job.

I hope you will use the time between now and the election to reflect on how your amnesty plans will harm millions of Americans.
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