Monday, September 22, 2014

Why is the GOP preventing this from being a WAVE ELECTION?


With all that the president has done to this country, why is the GOP not making this a WAVE ELECTION?

A big part of the reason is that the GOP seems like a Chamber of Commerce version of Democrat Light. As a former politician said, "There's not a Dime's worth of difference."

Anyway, has a great story about this, particularly about North Carolina's Senate Race.

The alert North Carolina website The Daily Haymaker reports #NCSEN: Only 45% of the white vote FOR Tillis? By Brant Clifton September 18 2014
We posted earlier about the Fox news poll of this race.  Digging into the cross-tabs led us to discover a really interesting stat.  Hagan, the Democrat, is drawing 33 percent of the white vote… Democrats tend to make up for that deficit with a huge turnout by blacks and other minorities. The astonishing thing is that Tillis, the Republican, is only drawing 45 percent of the white vote.  As a Republican, it’s TOUGH to survive politically with that kind of percentage in that demographic.

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