Monday, September 15, 2014

Editorial: Contact your Representatives about Tahmooressi on Mexican Independence Day!!!


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Please contact your House Representative Here:

As you know, the Mexican Government has been illegally holding American Marine SGT. Andrew Tahmooressi for mistakenly straying across the border.  He now sits in a jail cell while our government does nothing for his release.

Keep in mind the Keystone Cop Mexican Border Guards Organization makes the Obama Administration border security plan actually look legitimate. 
For a few pesos, anyone can cross the border heading north to get a piece of the American welfare state - Mexicans, Central Americans (especially 60,000 plus children, MS-13 and Latin Kings from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, etc.), Iranians, Chechens, and the like.  
These so-called immigrants are the clientele of the National Council of La Raza (The Race) and Attorney General Eric Holder. 

We have about 20 million illegal aliens in this country who "strayed" across the border.  Rather than sitting in jail, they are encumbering American jobs, using American schools, social services, welfare, in-state college tuition, and driving with licenses on our roads with impunity from the law.

But one American, Marine SGT. Andrew Tahmooressi, makes one mistaken turn driving near the Mexican border and somehow those sleepy, corrupt Mexican Border guards grab him. 

Tahmooressi, a Marine who  actually served with "honor and distinction" in Afghanistan, now sits in a Mexican prison.   

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