Sunday, June 16, 2013

Editorial: Texas Redistricting & National Electoral College CALL TO ACTION


Texas is in the midst of a Special Legislative Session on redistricting. The most likely outcome of this is a new map that will punish the party that has helped Texas become a prosperous state and will also reward "Sanctuary Cities" by giving them more electoral clout by rewarding their non-enforcement of immigration laws.

Even if you do not live in Texas, you will be affected by the imbalance that this will do to the national electoral college.

We are asking you to contact the following legislatures and ask them to use the electoral map that passed both Houses of the 2011 legislature and not punish the party of prosperity nor reward "Sanctuary Cities."

Governor of Texas:
Lt. Governor of Texas:
Attorney General of Texas:
State Senate Republicans: (Remember to focus on the Republicans)
State House Republicans: (Remember to Focus on the Republicans from the following list and click the second page on your contact list)
  • Directory of House Members

  • Your cooperation is appreciated. Remember Texas will affect you in the national electoral college!

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