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HOUSE Amnesty Threat Today: Phone Your Rep. to Vote No‏

A very interesting post from about a HOUSE amnesty threat. This follows this post about the 15 PATRIOT Senators. ONLY 15 out of 45 RUBUBLICANS!  This follows this post about the racial componant of the "Gang of Eight" Bill.  This follows this post about the release of illegal immigrant felons from prison by ICEThis follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what is happening in the nation now click here and you can read the two very interesting books that are shown HERE.

Last-Minute Surprise: House to vote on a partial DREAM amnesty TODAY -- Phone your U.S. Rep. ASAP

That's right, NOT the Senate but the HOUSE of Representatives!

Even as our attention is fixed on the Senate amnesty battle, HOUSE leaders are trying to sneak through a small amnesty today -- probably to test the waters for a much bigger amnesty next month.

ACTION: Please phone your Representative to oppose the Denham Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.


The number will take you to the Capitol Switchboard, Just ask for your U.S. Representative by name. (You can be sure of the name of your Representative by clicking here to go to your customized NumbersUSA Action Board.)

We have to send a message to the Republican leaders of the House, who almost certainly approved this amendment to come to the floor.

TALKING POINTS for Phone Call:

Americans aren't any more interested in a Republican House amnesty than they are in a Democratic Senate amnesty.

The Denham Amendment No. 77 may only be a small amnesty, but its passage would open the door for far worse. Vote NO.

The House of Representatives is considering the National Defense Authorization Act this week. Representative Jeff Denham (R-CA) has introduced, and the Rules Committee has allowed, an amendment to the bill that would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who enroll in the military.

While the amendment says these illegals who join the military will get "conditional" lawful permanent resident status, under current law, an LPR in the military is IMMEDIATELY eligible for naturalization, so the conditional thing is nonsense. Once they naturalize, they can immediately sponsor their illegal parents for LPR status, along with other relatives.

Here is NumbersUSA's notice sent to Members of the House:

"NumbersUSA opposes the Denham Amendment #77 (to the NDAA, HR 1960), which would give immediate legal status to certain illegal aliens who join the military. Congress should not be encouraging illegal aliens to launder their immigration status by joining our Armed Forces.

"American men and women proudly join our Armed Forces because they want to defend our great country and the rule of law for which America stands. Enticing illegal aliens to join in order to obtain lawful permanent resident status, along with a path to legal status for their family members through chain migration, cheapens the commitment that millions of Americans have made to serve our nation.

"We urge you to vote NO on Denham Amendment 77, and we will score this vote as a vote for amnesty."

While it is fairly certain that the majority of Republican House Members oppose amnesties, the Republican leaders of the House have been looking for a way to pass an amnesty anyway. Allowing the Denham Amendment, House leaders will be testing the depth of resistance to amnesty in the House.

We have been so focused on the Senate that we haven't done a lot of mobilizatin on the House in quite awhile. Please help send a very clear signal of resistance.

THANKS, and P.S.,

Your faxes and phone calls to Senators last night and today that expressed your disappointment with their vote to move the amnesty bill to the Senate floor, appear to be having a good effect.

Several of the YES voters of yesterday have already come out and made it clear that although the voted to allow debate they find S. 744 to be unworkable. We will be giving you who live in the states of these Senators a chance to pat them on the back and further solidifty them into a NO position.

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