Monday, June 17, 2013

Editorial: Focus for Defeating the "Gang of Eight" Amnesty Bill


If you haven't thanked the 15 Patriotic Senators who voted against S.744 proceeding, it's not too late to do so here. Now there are state battles going on in the immigration front, namely in North Carolina, Maryland, California, Georgia and Texas.

On the other hand though, S.744 is the Big Battle and one can call all of the Senators, and that is not a bad idea, nor is focusing on all of the Republican Senators considering that only 15 of 45 voted against proceeding! One should also make sure to repeatedly contact the two Senators from one's own state, no matter where they stand.

A focused effort also can also include the following vulnerable ones. This list comes from who is very moderate on immigration himself, but has a handy list that you can focus on.

Six Republicans, Seven Democrats

Thad Cochran of Mississippi 202-224-5054:


Susan Collins of Maine: (202) 224-2523

Mike Johanns of Nebraska: (202) 224-4224

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska: (202) 224-6665

Two more Republicans are on the fence:

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina: (202) 224-5972

John McCain of Arizona: (202) 224-2235

It is important that the next week be used by constituents and supporters of these senators to indicate to them the opposition that is widely felt in the country and especially among national security Republicans.

Seven Democratic senators facing tough re-elections in 21 months also need to hear from voters in their state:

Mark Begich in Alaska, 202-224-3004,

Mark Pryor in Arkansas: 202-224-2353,

Mary Landrieu in Louisiana: 202-224-5824:

Kay Hagan in North Carolina: 202-224-6342:

Tim Johnson in South Dakota: 202-224-5842:

Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire: 202-224-2841

Mark Udall of Colorado: 202-224-5941

These Senate Democrats need to hear from their states’ voters that their is the vote they are watching as 2014 looms. Many of these Democratic senators represent large military communities. It is hard to imagine those service men and women not noticing and remembering how these senators vote in the weeks ahead.

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