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The FBI Hate Crimes Stats They’re NOT Telling You About – NOT the Muslims

A timely post from about true "hate crimes." This follows this post about criminal mayors in the U.S. This follows this post about rap songs referencing Donald Trump.
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EXCLUSIVE: The FBI Hate Crimes Stats They’re NOT Telling You About – NOT the Muslims

By Debbie Schlussel


Don’t believe the hype about FBI hate crimes stats. Despite what the media and Muslims whines tell you, the real numbers aren’t about an increase in hate crimes against Muslims. On the contrary, it’s more about how much alleged hate crimes against Muslims pale in comparison to other hate crimes. Here are the real FBI hate crimes statistics they’re not telling you about. Hint: the real victims are NOT Muslims, though they may be the real perpetrators.
Earlier this week, the FBI released its compilation of 2015 hate crimes statistics. And, over the last two days, the media’s echo chamber narrative is that FBI Hate Crime stats are all about Muslims–that Muslims are the real and (if the liberal media emphasis on this is to be believed) the only victims of hate crimes. Nope. Not true.
Most years since the beginning of this site, I’ve looked at and analyzed the statistics released by the FBI. And every single year, it’s been clear: most religious-based hate crimes–by far–are perpetrated against Jews in America, NOT Muslims. The same is true this year. And there are some other key findings in my analysis of these numbers that you should know:
* Hate crimes against Jews are MORE THAN DOUBLE the number of alleged hate crimes against Muslims.
In 2015, there were 664 incidents, 695 offenses, and 731 victims of anti-Jewish hate crimes. This is up from 2014, when there were 609 incidents, 635 offenses, and 648 victims of anti-Jewish hate crimes. That’s an increase of 9% in anti-Jewish hate crimes. Compare that to Muslims, whom the FBI reports had 257 incidents 301 offenses, and 307 victims in 2015. In 2014, these numbers were 154 incidents, 178 offenses, and 184 victims. Yes, there was a marked increase, but still the numbers are relatively very small. With all of the hatred and jihadist attacks perpetrated by Muslims against America and Americans, including on our own soil, it shows that Americans are very nice to Muslims and very forgiving–maybe too much so (which is why we keep getting attacked). The way Muslims portray it, there are constant wildings against them on the streets all over America. Nuh-uh.
In 2015, hate crimes against Jews comprised 53% of all of the 1,244 incidents of hate crimes based on the victim’s religion. In 2014, hate crimes against Jews were 60% of all the 1,014 hate crimes committed based on the victim’s religion. This is the only figure that went down for Jews, but it’s really meaningless. The vast majority of hate crimes in America based on the victim’s religion are still against Jews, NOT Muslims. The media won’t lift a finger to point that out, though. (Which is why I have to.)
This is even more significant when you consider that Muslims claim (though it’s a lie) that they have eight-to-nine-million of their fellow pro-jihadists in the U.S., whereas as there are only 5.2 million Jews in America, if that. Muslims who claim there is rampant “Islamophobia” in America (and–remember!–a phobia is an irrational or unreasonable fear–we have a lot of reasons and rational explanations to fear Islam) are acting as if we Americans are running down every street in America terrorizing Muslims. If you accept their claim that they number nine million in America, then the number of alleged hate crimes against them was just .000285 percent in 2015–a very, very minute and incredibly insignificant number.
Plus Muslims constantly organize and cajole their communities to report even the smallest paper cut or dirty look as a hate crime. They’ve reported my writing as a “hate crime” because I speak truth the power in exposing them. That’s not supposed to be considered a hate crime (especially in a society in which we’re supposed to value free speech and sunlight to expose cockroaches). And, as we know, Muslim-reported “hate crimes” are often hate crime hoaxes, like the Muslim woman who recently admitted she lied when she claimed a Donald Trump supporter pulled off her hijab. Lying . . . it’s what Muslims do. Part of their religion (look up taqiyyah and kitman).
* The FBI refuses to identify hate crime perpetrators by religion or by Arab and/or Middle-Eastern ethnicity, allowing Muslims and Arabs to get away with their many anti-Semitic hate crimes.
This is something I’ve decried on this site each time I’ve analyzed the FBI’s annual release of hate crimes stats. The FBI in recent years began identifying the race, gender, and “ethnicity” of hate crimes perpetrators, but not the religion. Why? I believe it’s done this way to shield Muslims–who I believe would constitute a statistically significant number of perpetrators of anti-Jewish and racist anti-Black (and probably also anti-White) hate crimes. Ditto for anti-LGBT crimes. I believe the numbers would show that they perpetrate a much larger percentage of such hate crimes than their percentage of the population. And, therefore, while the FBI even has a separate “Anti-Arab” ethnic hate crime category outside of the religious “anti-Muslim” category, it refuses to have a separate “Arab” and/or “Muslim” category of hate crimes perpetrators. Instead, the FBI only has categories like “White” and “non-Hispanic” and “other ethnic group” in which the agency lumps (and thus shields from scrutiny and legitimate criticism) Arabs and Muslims. It’s not politically correct to tell us the truth about them and how they behave.
* The number and percentage of anti-Protestant hate crimes went up far more than that for Muslims.
But the media doesn’t lament that . . . or even bother to mention it. In 2014, there were 25 incidents, 25 offenses, and 28 victims of anti-Protestant hate crimes. In 2015, there were 37 offenses, 47 victims, and 48 victims of anti-Protestant hate crimes. Yes, I know the numbers are small either way. But I can use the same magic tricks with numbers as the media and Muslim press releases do and tell you this: that’s a 48% increase in anti-Protestant hate crimes form the previous year. Where’s the media whining and indignation over this like there is for Muslims? (In case you were wondering, the numbers of hate crimes against Catholics are almost double the number of such incidents for Protestants, but the numbers went down–year-to-year–from 2014 to 2015.)
* The number and percentage of race-based hate crimes against Whites are growing. The number of hate crimes against Whites is once again more than double the number of hate crimes alleged against Muslims. It was more than double in in 2014, when anti-White hate crimes comprised 593 incidents, 701 offenses, and 734 victims. And it was the case again in 2015, when there were 613 incidents, 734 offenses, and 789 victims in anti-White hate crimes. Anti-White hate crimes have gone up nearly every year since I’ve been keeping track and between 2014 and 2015, they went up 3.4 percent (as measured by incidents).
You might argue that this it’s logical that anti-White hate crimes should outnumber those allegedly against Muslims, since Whites outnumber Muslims by tens of millions in America. Well, yes. But if you read the media coverage of the FBI hate crimes, it is as if Muslims are the only victims. They aren’t. Not even close. And there is never any media coverage of the growing hate against White people, which I think can be attributed in large part to media glorification of Black Lives Matter, as well as Barack Obama’s refusal to condemn the group. There is also a growing celebration by the media of the ever-decreasing population and percentage of Whites in America. This is “acceptable” racism, and it makes racists know that attacks on Whites are okay.
* The number and percentage of anti-LGBT hate crimes is much higher than that against Muslims. In 2014, there were 1,097 anti-LGBT hate crimes, 1,269 such offenses, and 1,338 victims. In 2015, the numbers went up to 1,148 such incidents, 1,314 offenses, and 1,361 victims.
Again, you might argue that there are far fewer Muslims in this country than those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. True, but, again, my point here is that there are groups that are victims of hate crimes in America far more than Muslims are. And yet the media hyper-focuses on–and only on–Muslims as alleged victims.
And, since we know Islam is VERY anti-gay (and anti-LGB and T), it’s safe to say that Muslims play a role in the rise of anti-gay hate crimes on American soil. We know gays are executed with government and mosque sanction all over the Islamic world. We’ve all seen the pics and videos of HAMASniks and ISIS members throwing gays off buildings and otherwise torturing them to death. And gays in Muslim-domated places in America like Dearbornistan have to live in the shadows, lest they face incredible ostracism and discrimination, some of it violent.
* There are hate crimes against heterosexuals and males (for just being male), but you don’t hear about those either. The numbers are very low, but they are steady from year-to-year and slowly rising.
These hate crimes–which are never documented by the media–exist.
Another important point: were the Muslim attacks on San Bernardino (perpetrated by Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik) and other similar incidents of Muslim hate crimes against non-Muslims counted in the FBI hate crimes stats? Answer: NO, they were not. And that skews all the numbers the wrong way away from the truth.
Next year, the FBI won’t include the Pulse night club jihadist attack against gays and non-Muslims in its 2016 stats. Nor will it include Ahmad Khan Rahami’s attacks on a military marathon in New Jersey and the bombs he set off in New York, even though these were clearly Muslim-perpetrated hate crimes against non-Muslims.
Then, there are hate crimes like the ones I’ve reported regularly to the FBI. I’ve repeatedly gotten Muslim death, rape, and torture threats, but the FBI rarely does anything about it (they take it very seriously when the roles are reversed and Muslims are the alleged victims of threats). I highly doubt my reports have been included in the hate crimes stats. In fact, I’d bet on it.
And that’s, again, why you cannot take these numbers the FBI serves up as the truth or the whole picture. It’s just not the case. Not even close. The only thing the numbers really show are that Americans are not a violent or hateful people, despite what Islamo-race merchants from HAMAS CAIR and others have the media shrieking about. The numbers against every single group in the reports are statistically very low and insignificant compared to the fact that we had a population of 318.9 million as of 2014.
The bottom line is this: the FBI hate crimes show several things that the media refuses to tell us. Specifically, Muslims are NOT the victims here in America. In fact, they make up a very small percentage of the victims. The real victims of hate crimes in America are Jews, Christians, Blacks, Whites, and the LGBT folks. And, if the FBI gave us the full picture, we’d probably know what we already do from media reports and police reports: Muslims are often the perpetrators of hate crimes.
Jihad remains free and clear of FBI and media scrutiny through a careful massaging and BS reporting of the numbers.
The ghost of Osama Bin Laden is laughing all the way to the 72 Helen Thomases.
Read my previous analyses of FBI hate crimes statistics and how they relate to Muslim BS here, here, here, and here.
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