Monday, November 14, 2016

Editorial: Where Do We Need to tell Trump to Focus?


Donald Trump won an electoral college mandate particularly on the issues of immigration enforcement and fairness in trade deals. There were additional issues such as gun rights and pro-life issues.

Immigration was particularly important because if the U.S. keeps bringing in people that will vote for the Democratic party, and for that party's stance on issues, then the Republican party and its platform would become extinct.

Donald Trump needs to focus on entrenching his win,( and part of that strategy means increasing his percentage among the working class in the Rust Belt EVEN MORE!!

In addition, Donald Trump's immediate legislative resistance is likely to be in the Senate due to the filibuster. He needs to tell Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to eliminate it so that his mandate is not thwarted.

After the focus on these steps, judicial entrenchment, by Supreme Court and all federal Court appointees, can keep his mandate permanent as he signs all the bills for his promises into law!

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