Monday, November 7, 2016

Editorial: Impeach James Comey? Loretta Lynch?


First, you should contact your Representative and DEMAND impeachment against these two, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch.

Of course you should vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton, if for no other reason than her privilege of being above the laws, particularly the Espionage Act.

Finally, you should brace for the likelihood that Impeachment doesn't happen and Hillary does STEAL the election, including with the votes of the illegal aliens that she will get. If the count was only with legal U.S. citizens, Donald would win, but with voter fraud, including banning voter ID and also allowing "dead people" to vote, his landslide win could be stolen from him.

The seismic stress on American institutions caused by nation-breaking immigration will ultimately have to be relieved by impeachment—of legislating judges, of public officials, of Presidents. The Stupid Party, of course, has reacted stupidly, not noticing that Democrats regularly discuss impeachment when they think they might benefit

It’s a vulgar error to think that impeachment is only appropriate in the case of a crime, as I explained here. But Hillary Clinton quite clearly has committed a crime.

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