Monday, November 21, 2016

Editorial: Is it #FakeNews, or is it #Censorship?


Recently, there has been an attempt by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others to censor out what they consider "Fake News." Of course, there can occassionaly be some of that, but it seems more like they are censoring out viewpoints that the MSM disagrees with.

These sources ALREADY have a demonstrated Leftist bias. Notice that most of the "Fake News" is that which comes from non-MSN sources, the VERY ones the MSN is already censoring!

 From :

Google and Facebook recently announced an effort to crack down on "Fake News" but their targets appear to be the conservative publications that helped elect Donald Trump such as InfoWars, Breitbart, Daily Caller, and World Net Daily. (View Source) Facebook and Google have not mentioned any efforts to silence the fake news coming out of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS all of which claimed it was statistically impossible for Donald Trump to win the Presidency!

From about President-Elect nominee Jeff Sessions:

Making things easier for the character assassins, Senator Jeff is a white guy from Alabama, which is practically a hate crime all by itself. And making things even easier will be the willingness of the anti-Trump Main Stream Media to believe any kind of story about something the Senator was overheard saying back in 1976, however unsubstantiated. 

From :

The Media's Alternative Gospel

The major media news organizations and outlets, says journalist William Proctor, have their own lists of rights and wrongs that they support or condemn through their editorials and reporting. Most follow the lead of the media heavyweight The New York Times , which, he says, has its own list of “sins” that the paper regularly criticizes and attacks. Detailed in his 2000 book The Gospel According to The New York Times , these include, but are not limited to:
  • Religious certainty-especially that rooted in Christianity.
  • Political conservatism in any form.
  • Capital punishment for any reason.
  • Placing any restrictions on freedom of the press, speech or expression.
  • Limiting abortion rights. Conversely, the newspaper's “gospel” is essentially the opposite of these-that is, it continually pushes the viewpoint that:
  • There are no absolutes, particularly when it comes to religious beliefs. We must be tolerant of all other beliefs and behavior (except those based on biblical standards or conservative beliefs).
  • Liberalism is enlightened; conservatism and conservatives are selfish, bigoted and uncaring.
  • Society as a whole is at fault for criminal behavior; therefore the death penalty is inherently unjust.
  • Freedom of the press, expression and speech is virtually absolute and trumps virtually all other rights and restrictions
  • Sexual freedom, including freedom from unwanted consequences such as pregnancy, is an absolute right for everyone.
Lest you think Mr. Proctor's assertions are overstated, carefully examine the news coverage, editorial positions and even the political cartoons in your local newspaper. Odds are you'll find them advocating, subtly or not so subtly, the same editorial and social positions.
You'll see reporting that favors positions such as homosexual rights, diminution of parental discipline and authority, lack of personal responsibility and greater government growth and social spending-all designed to shift your thinking from the standards found in the Bible and toward the alternative gospel such sources want you to believe.
Collectively, today's mass media have become one of the most committed instruments of antibiblical bias that can be found in our world. Their influence in that direction is enormous. 

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