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2014, New Year, Old Error

A timely post about from analyzing the current state of America. This follows this post  about the corruption in the Department of Homeland Security.This follows this post about Christmas in Mexico.  In the meantime, you can get more involved if you like here and read an interesting book HERE.

2014, New Year, Old Error

by David Yeagley   3 Comments ·     

It is difficult for a realist to have a positive outlook for 2014, when obviously self-righteous fools are intentionally ruining the country, and having a wondrous delight in so doing. They crave a legacy of changing America, from the land of the free and home of the brave, to the land of the weak and ignorant dependents.
There is no solution. Politicians and government officials are bribed, and wholly undependable except for fraud, dissembling, and concession to naturally evolving tyranny.
The conglomerate of conservative talkers, the professional commentators, have had little or no effect whatever. Tea Party candidates have betrayed their trust as well. Republicans fear being blamed, as though they truly guilty. They are lost in rhetorical politics and reactionary manoeuvers.
Perhaps these are just the jaded views of one deep into chemotherapy treatment, passed six months now, since it all began. Perhaps I simply don’t have the energy to think so positively in the face of obvious demise–of the country, that is. I do believe America is over. What we were will never be again. The Democrat Communists and traitors, weak Republicans have seen to that.
And even though I always admired George W. Bush and his compassionate wife and strong daughters, I realize now that he was a rather horrible president. In fact, Bush opened all the doors through which “Barack Obama,” the resident president, has danced through in such arrogant ease: over-spending, reduced freedom, and international cooperation, or submission.

Former President George W. Bush, globalist.
How so? Fundamental globalism. The entire Bush clan is a purely globalist entity. This is the Communist path, really. And, as George Soros as said, America is the biggest obstacle to world peace. Same concept. If you excel, you disrupt equality. If you are great, you oppress those who aren’t. The idea that all are equal is mark of self-righteous political theorists, the most dangerous and tyrannical of their kind. George Soros understands all that. And certainly Hillary Clinton.
Are there any powers that would contest or challenge globalism successfully? No. Big business needs it. It’s all about cheap labor. The churches all revel in international mission programs. The market attracts globalism. Entertainment industries, ‘hospitality’ businesses all thrive on tourism, which is another aspect of internationalism.

George Soros, financial manipulator.
I just don’t see improvement. Indeed, my personal health disallows any too much enthusiasm. My lung capacity is no doubt forever reduced. Just breathing is a conscious challenge. Mesothelioma is a fast developing cancer, and only about 40% of patients survive one year; only 20% by the second year, and by the fourth year, less than 10% survive. I personally don’t think about these figures, as I have plenty else to think about. (Plus, I believe in miracles of healing, and a merciful God.)
I am genuinely sorry that America has passed. The great vision is now just some psychological “Indian reservation” in the collective consciousness of the populace. It will soon be relegated to the collective unconscious, no doubt. It is a tragedy, even if an inevitability. White conservatives are just out-numbered and out-gunned, just as the American Indians were.

Hillary Clinton, lying enemy of the state.
As an American Indian, I decry the demise most of all, more than even they who built the country. They took the land from Indians–who fought to the death to keep it. Now white liberals are giving it way to the most unworthy, and Indians don’t even have a chance to fight for it. This is one of the greatest ironies of all history.
So, let 2014 be a year of passing, of quick passing. If there is no 2nd Revolution, then we shall all need to quickly submit to the tyrannies ahead, and make as little fuss about it as possible, lest we be bigger fools than the they which brought on the demise. All our loud talk about guns and freedom is just noble-sounding noise. The tyrannists have won already. They knew how to take advantage of the weak, ignorant, and greedy.

David Yeagley, great, great grandson of Bad Eagle.
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