Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tell Washington What You Think of Obama's Terroristic Threats and Release of Illegals

A very interesting post from www.Alipac.US about the release of illegal alien criminals from jails last week. This follows this post about the CATO Institute. This follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what is happening in the nation now click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.

Tell Washington What You Think of Obama's Terroristic Threats and Release of Illegals



 Friends of ALIPAC,

We are sending out a national press release this morning expressing our concerns about the Obama administration's terroristic threats against American citizens and Congress, and the release of 10,000 illegal aliens with broader criminal charges.

Obama Using Illegal Immigrants As Form of Terrorism Against Americans


Please help us in many ways.

Step 1: Please share, post, forward, and circulate our press release to other American activists, your local talk radio shows and media, your social media accounts, state and federal elected officials, to the Drudge Report and national media sources. If you agree with what we are saying, express your agreement by circulating this release with us today!

Step 2: Call Obama, McCain, and Graham, and their backers Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio, to express your concerns. Call to say

"I am angry that Obama is releasing illegal immigrants from detention and threatening the American public with more deaths and destruction from illegal immigrants if he does not get his way. His terroristic threats and meetings behind closed doors with McCain and Graham as representatives of the 'Gang of 8' should not be tolerated by Congress, the media, or the American public!"

Share your version of this talking point far and wide online and on talk radio shows, starting with the office staff of Obama, McCain, Flake, Rubio, and their child prostitution user Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

White House Number: Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Toll free 1-866-220-0044

John McCain: (202) 224-2235

Linsdey Graham: (202) 224-5972

Marco Rubio: (202) 224-3041

Jeff Flake: (202) 224-4521

Robert Menendez: (202)224-4744

Step 3: Then take actions that can help destroy the Amnesty 2013 plans by circulating this release, this talking point, and the new Reuters Poll showing most Americans want illegal aliens deported with your member of Congress and your US Senators.

Here is the poll again--

Majority of US Citizens Say Illegal Aliens Should Be Deported


Here is the link for you to find the contact info for your Reps. Remember, to have the best impact CALL them first, then send in a written reinforcement. It takes more time than some other automated means, but this is the method ALIPAC has shown to have the greatest impact!

Congressional Rep locator link


Step 4: The previous steps should only take you about 15-30 minutes of volunteer time. If you have more time, please saturate the following Republican senate targets with the ALIPAC press release, the talking point in Step 2, and the poll in step 3. Applying pressure to these offices has a good chance of causing some of these GOP lawmakers to back away from the "Gang of 8."

Please target your calls and written messages to this list at this link...


Special thanks to all of you volunteering to help today!

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