Thursday, March 14, 2013

Illegals are Swarming your Congress Today, Amnesty Ambush Being Planned

A very interesting post from www.Alipac.US  about lobbying the Senate when illegal aliens (non-citizens) are influencing the Senate itself! This follows this post about U.S. Catholic bishops increasing poverty among America's poor. This follows this post about the release of illegal alien criminals from jails. This follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what is happening in the nation now click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.

Illegals are Swarming your Congress Today, Amnesty Ambush Being Planned

ALIPAC Activists,

You have very little time to have an impact.

The illegal aliens have setup advanced email, social media, and text message networks we are monitoring, and yesterday they unleashed their new networks on Washington, DC, pushing for full amnesty!

The word leaking out of the secret negotiations between the "Gang of 8" Senators and the White House is their bill will seek path to citizenship amnesty for more than 11 million illegals, of which they are expected to use their new status to bring in at least 11 million relatives, which will in turn bring in a new batch of 11 million more illegal aliens. As you consider answering this email call to get on the phones to Congress, please picture what this new 30+ million from the 3rd world is going to do for you and your children.

If you have trouble imagining that, please read this article that describes what your lives will be like soon if ALIPAC fails to motivate enough of you to donate your time and funds to stopping Amnesty 2013!

'Four trucks filled with bodies' after Reynosa firefight

The current plan of the traitors is to saturate the media and Congress with news of turncoat Republicans and GOP groups joining the call for Amnesty combined with their paid fleet of lobbyist and caller networks.

Then ramrod the Amnesty bill through right after Easter before you or the rest of the public can know what is in the bill! Please read this article to better understand their Amnesty Ambush plans!

Senate Democrats eye immigration blitz after recess

Then spring into action!

If you are reading this and you have not made several calls to pound weak link Senator Marco Rubio, then go back to GO and make those calls first at this link (Final Notice):

Then get on the phone to the US Senate and flood them with as many calls as you can today before we move on to the House!

Sample Message

"I'm calling/writing today to oppose any path to citizenship or legal status for illegal aliens. A Los Angeles Times online poll shows over 62% of Americans disagree with the 'Gang of 8' plans to legalize illegal immigrants. Granting legal status to illegal aliens will bring in more illegal immigrants and eventually form a voting bloc making future borders for America impossible. I plan to work hard to remove from office any member of the US Senate who supports legalizing illegals. You should be insisting that Barack Obama adequately enforce our existing border and immigration laws instead of trying to undermine them with amnesty."

Remember to draft your own distinct version of our message and to personalize each message to the recipient for maximum impact.

Contact info for US Senate

If anyone has feedback from offices you contact, suggestions, or questions, our legendary ALIPAC activists are on standby to assist you 24 hours a day at this link...

Illegals are Swarming your Congress Today, Amnesty Ambush Being Planned

Let's roll! Let's get on the phones to counter the illegal aliens stealing our government today and let's show the Senate we will not tolerate any Amnesty Ambush plans!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

 Right now I'm focusing my own two Senators plus these FOUR Republicans who voted for the Hagel cloture and these SEVEN Democrats up for election in 2014 from conservative districts.


Thad Cochran of Mississippi 202-224-5054:

(Email Me - Contact - Senator Thad Cochran

Susan Collins of Maine: (202) 224-2523

Email - Senator Susan Collins

Mike Johanns of Nebraska: (202) 224-4224

Email Senator Johanns - Contact Senator Johanns - U.S. Senator Mike Johanns for the State of Nebraska

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska: (202) 224-6665

E-Mail Lisa - Contact - United States Senator Lisa Murkowski


Mark Begich in Alaska, 202-224-3004,

Email Senator Begich - Contact - U.S. Senator for Alaska, Mark Begich

Mark Pryor in Arkansas: 202-224-2353,

Contact Form - Contact Me - U.S. Senator Mark Pryor

Mary Landrieu in Louisiana: 202-224-5824:

Mary Landrieu
U.S. Senator for Louisiana

Kay Hagan in North Carolina: 202-224-6342:

Kay Hagan
U.S. Senator for North Carolina

Tim Johnson in South Dakota: 202-224-5842:

Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire: 202-224-2841

Jeanne Shaheen - United States Senator for New Hampshire

Mark Udall of Colorado: 202-224-5941

Contact Mark
Mark Udall
U.S. Senator for Colorado

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