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TANZANIA – 17-year old Christian girl jailed for blasphemy

A very interesting post from about churches being attacked in the African nation of Tanzania. This follows this post  about a Pakistani Down's Syndrome girl. This follows this article about American energy independence and preventing money from going to hostile countries such as Iran . For more that you can do to get involved click HERE and read this very interesting book HERE.

TANZANIA – 17-year old Christian girl jailed for blasphemy

A 17-year-old Tanzanian girl has been sentenced to two years in prison after being accused of desecrating the Koran.

Eva Abdullah converted to Christianity three years ago. Her parents disowned her and a group of radicals in her hometown, Bagamoyo, tried to persuade her to renounce her Christian faith and return to Islam. When she refused, Release sources say they falsely accused her of desecrating a Koran. She was sentenced on July 26 to two years in prison by a judge who, it's claimed, was bribed by the militants. Christian leaders have been reluctant to defend Eva because of the Muslim dominance in the district.

There have been signs of growing unrest in Tanzania against Christians. In May this year a 200-strong Islamist mob demolished three churches on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. A Christian leader said they were shouting, 'Allahu Akbar' (Allah is greater) as they destroyed the churches.

Church leaders claim Muslim government officials are refusing to bring the attackers to justice or to help the victims rebuild their churches. The latest attack brings the number of churches destroyed in the past 10 years to 25. Previously, militants had targeted small village churches, but Christian leaders say the attackers are becoming bolder.

There have also been incidents of land seizure by Muslims who are claiming ownership of sites belonging to Christians. Tanzania's president has condemned the attacks against churches in Zanzibar, which have been linked with a separatist movement.

Tanzania's Zanzibar archipelago is almost wholly Muslim and only 60 Christian congregations are said to meet on the islands.

(Sources: Voice of the Martyrs Australia)

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• Please pray that the Lord will protect and strengthen Eva in prison and that she will in grow in faith despite the circumstances.

• Pray that the militants who are targeting churches and trying to inflame unrest will be unsuccessful.

• Pray that the Lord would strengthen the faith and witness of Christians in Tanzania, especially in minority areas.

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