Monday, August 6, 2012

Rave Review for FIRE’s New ‘Guide to Free Speech on Campus’

A very interesting book review from about free speech on univeristy campuses which is being countered by speech codes, harrassment codes, and sensitivity training. This follows this post about problems America faces such as socialism and unrestrained immigration.   This follows this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more that you can do to get involved click HERE and you can read another very interesting book HERE!

Rave Review for FIRE’s New ‘Guide to Free Speech on Campus’
Accuracy in Academia's Spencer Irvine has written an article praising FIRE's new Guide to Free Speech on Campus. Irvine calls it a "detailed, useful and practical tool to prevent bad things from happening to innocent people." For students and faculty alike, the college campus can be a challenging environment for free speech, and that is where FIRE's Guides come in. According to Irvine:

In the end, most if not all Americans should read FIRE's free speech guide. Parents, future college students and especially current college students and faculty should read this guide to free speech in order to avoid unwarranted and unnecessary harassment and prosecution.

Thanks, Spencer! Be sure to check out the new Guide to Free Speech on Campus page to read the Guide online; request a hard copy; download the PDF, Kindle, or iBook version; or order a copy from

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