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Wknd Box Office: London Has Fallen, Zootopia, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Here is an interesting article from reviewing some of the movies that came out over the past weekend. This follows this post about some of the movies from last week and THIS POST about some movies that have been released over the past few years that you might have missed! This all follows this post about guidelines to choosing good movies to watch yourself!

Wknd Box Office: London Has Fallen, Zootopia, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

By Debbie Schlussel

In the movies debuting today in theaters, it’s a weekend in which FINALLY a Hollywood movie portrays Muslims as the terrorists and doesn’t sympathize with ’em (in the only movie I recommend). But, sadly, it’s also a weekend of politically correct Disney animation for kids, telling us that Islamic terrorists are just misunderstood and we must be more tolerant. Plus, it’s a Tina Fey weekend, so yuck.
* “London Has Fallen” – Rated R: Finally, finally, finally, Muslims are the terrorists in a movie and are shown as they really are: evil, without qualification (which is probably why Sephardic Jewish Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul–of Egyptian and Algerian descent–took the role of chief terrorist Aamir Barkawi; Muslim actors don’t like portraying reality and prefer political correctness). On top of that, this is the rare sequel that is far better than the original. This is the second installment to “Olympus Has Fallen” (read my review), which I didn’t like that much (North Koreans are the terrorists, along with a disgrunted Secret Service agent on the President’s Personal Protection Detail). You don’t need to see the first movie to enjoy or get this.
If I had one qualm with the movie, it’s that, at the beginning of the movie, America uses drones to strike the wedding of the daughter of a billionaire Muslim arms dealer (Aboutbout as Barkawi) who sells to terrorists, and this is somehow the Muslim’s excuse to perpetrate terrorist attacks against the West. Sadly, in real life, while we should strike weddings where Islamic terrorists are guests we don’t have the guts because we’re too concerned about “innocent civilians and children” (all of them hate us and support the terrorists who are present). In real life, on the rare occasion that we do strike a wedding, it’s by accident, and we always come under a torrent of phony world condemnation, and then we endlessly apologize. Not in this movie.
Aaron Eckhart is back as the President, and Gerard Butler is back as the chief member of his Secret Service Personal Protection Detail. Angela Bassett is also back as the head of the Secret Service.
The story: the British Prime Minister dies, and many of the world’s leaders, most of them Westerners, travel to London for the funeral. But President Eckhart’s Secret Service Director Bassett and Agent Butler are suspicious and tell him not to go to the funeral. As they note, advance for Presidential trips usually takes months or even a year, and they’ve had no time to plan and scout for the security for this trip. They think something else is going on. And they’re soon proven right. On the way to the funeral or already at the cathedral, Western leaders are targeted and murdered through a series of bombs and shootings. Islamic terrorists have infiltrated the London police, the protection detail of the current British Prime Minister, and even have a mole in MI-6 (the British version of the CIA).
Eckhart and Butler barely and narrowly escape, and they are on the run, as the Islamic terrorist mastermind of it all (the arms dealer who sells to terrorists) has vowed to have the President beheaded on live TV that night.
This is a tightly-written script without a single dull moment (though some of the stunts and feats just aren’t believable, including one with fire and explosives near the movie’s end). There’s lots of action and there are many car chases, explosions, and and Islamic terrorists getting what they deserve. The audience clapped when, in one scene, Butler tortures an Islamic terrorist to death so that the chief terrorist can hear it over the phone. Eckhart: “Was that really necessary?” Butler: “No.” If only we did things like this in real life–instead of having John McCain and even Ted Cruz lecture us about torture, human rights, and the Geneva Conventions by which terrorists don’t abide–we’d have fewer terrorist attacks. The movie also has some funny dialogue.
Toward the end of the movie, racist Morgan Freeman as the Vice President speaks to the world and tells us that America would do these things all over again and makes no apologies for it. If only. Sadly, that only happens at the movies, these days.
This is violent and bloody, though tame by R-rating standards. That and the language (a few F-bombs) is the reason it has the “R” rating (and isn’t for kids).
HAMAS CAIR and the other Islamic terrorism supporters in our midst ain’t gonna like this movie. Reality bites.
I used to hate Gerard Butler, but now I’m in lust.
This would normally be a TWO-TO-TWO-AND-A-HALF REAGAN movie, but because of its absolute in-your-face lack of political correctness, it earns . . .
Watch the trailer . . .
* “Zootopia” – Rated PG: While this has great animation and a lot of funny lines and characters (that only adults would get), I hate being lectured to about political correctness, diversity, and tolerance. And I hate kids being lectured on that baloney. We have far too much “tolerance” for the intolerable and “diversity” in terms of promoting those who believe in and promote the intolerable. The movie’s message is that savage, predatory animals are people, too (they’re just “misunderstood”). That we must accept and understand them and not expect that they will attack prey just because they are predatory savage animals. And, of course, what we’re really being told in this movie is that Islamic terrorists are people, too. And just because Islamic terrorists murder thousands of people every month, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t trust Muslims who openly support and promote Islamic terrorism. It’s insane! And that, my friends, is why this movie is called “ZooTOPIA,” not “ZooREALITY.”
In the movie, all predatory animals and those of prey have signed some sort of treaty. The predators have agreed not to attack the prey, and they all live in peace and harmony. Suddenly, predators no longer have the instinct or urge to pounce on prey. Uh-huh. Sounds like the constant lectures we’re told about how peaceful Muslims are. There are savages all over this world seeking to destroy us. That won’t change, no matter how many lectures we get from liberals (and Mitt Romney and the RNC) and no matter how many absurd treaties between animals are portrayed in silly PC Disney flicks. So this movie teaches kids a bad lesson.
On the other hand, I think the lesson is way over kids’ heads. They’re not gonna understand that, and so I think it’s probably okay, if you wanna spend the money and reward Disney for tricking kids into believing Muslims . . . I mean, animated predatory animals, are gonna change their stripes despite ideology, history, culture, and instinct.
The story: a bunny (Ginnifer Goodwin–I hate the pretentious conceit of a “different” spelling, especially this idiotic one) dreams of becoming a cop, instead of going into the carrot farming business like her parents and 237 other siblings. She’s mocked by classmates who are foxes and other predatory animals. They bully her and laugh at her dream, saying she’ll never be a cop. But, one day, she grows up to become the Zootopia Police Department’s first bunny cop. Her boss doubts her abilities and forces the bunny to be a meter maid. But she meets a con artist Fox (Jason Bateman), who she ultimately convinces to reform his ways.
Together, they investigate the mysterious disappearance of several citizens of Zootopia. It turns out that the animals are all predators who’ve become savage and attack prey. They’re being illegally held at a secret Gitmo-style Zootopia facility (yup, political correctness yet again). When the bunny and fox discover and free them, the bunny gives a press conference. She accidentally says something politically incorrect and “intolerant”: that any predatory animals in Zootopia might become savage like this and attack prey. Soon, innocent predator animals are shown the door or moved from high profile jobs in the front office to the back room where they won’t scare prey customers. And, of course, it turns out the bunny is “wrong” and “raaaaaycist” (or is that predatorist?).
Yup, there’s discrimination against predator animals. And intolerance. Instead, we should have understanding and not believe all predators will become savages.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to adopt a bear or a cobra. Or believe that the Muslims in my neighborhood–all of whom openly support Hezbollah and HAMAS–are peaceful and nice.
Here’s a tip: they aren’t. They aren’t “misunderstood.” We understand exactly who they are. And kids would be better off being exposed to reality, not this BS.
Yes, there’s a lot of cute and funny stuff in this to make the silly PC message of tolerance and diversity palatable. There are mobster Godfather-like characters, and even a Mafia daughter who resembles Jersey Shore’s Snooki. I laughed a lot, as will the parents who take their kids to see this. It’s amusing . . . with a dangerous message.
A spoon full of sugar makes the poison go down.
Watch the trailer . . .
* “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” – Rated R: Two words: Tina Fey. America’s most overrated actress/comedienne ever. And the character she plays in this movie is even less likable and ethical than the real life thing. In case you didn’t get the title of this, take the first letters of Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot, and you get “WTF.”
Fey and her former “Saturday Night Live” boss Lorne Michaels produced this after Fey bought the rights to the memoir this is based on. The book, by current New York Times reporter Kim Barker, is about the reporter’s exploits as a print journalist in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the movie, Fey plays Kim Baker (minus the first “R”), a cable TV news writer who’s sent to Afghanistan to be an on-air correspondent. The movie is supposed to be a drama/comedy (“dramedy”), and there are quite a few laughs. But it’s quite slow, mostly silly and stupid, and a complete waste of time. Fey’s character is supposed to be the heroine of the movie, but while she’s not as much of a jerk as most of the rest of the people in this, she’s still a jerk.
And she’s even more than that, when it comes out that a story she did cost an American soldier his legs. But, as with all things Hollywood, liberal piece-of-crap reporters come out of it all right. She visits the soldier to apologize, and he’s all fine and dandy about it. Problem solved!
Fey said she made this movie to show all of the sexism against female reporters. And while she does show that Muslims are sexist against women, it’s all fodder for comedy, and the Western men–whether they are correspondents or her personal protection detail–are shown as just as sexist. See, in the world according to Fey (and Michaels–some idiots keep insisting to me he’s “conservative”), we in the West are just as bad as the Muslims, so DON’T. JUDGE. That fraudulent message is so stale and moldy, it would make the Chinese plaster wall makers blush. Also, I had a question: if female reporters are such sluts, obsessed with new bed partners as they are in this flick, maybe they deserve the disrespect they believe they’re getting (but aren’t–victimhood isn’t just annoying, it’s overwrought and fraudulent).
The other message of the movie–also not news or original in any way–is that reporters in war zones are adrenaline junkies and they keep getting more aggressive in trying to get stories, interviews, and footage of terrorists and terrorist attacks. Sadly, it doesn’t delve into the most important aspect of this: that the reporters are generally willing, gushing cheerleaders for evil (usually Islamic) terrorists.
There are a couple of silly, go-nowhere plot angles. Margot Robbie plays Fey’s far more attractive rival/frenemy. She lets Fey know (a point repeated by other parties) that Fey, a New York 6 (in attractiveness) is a Kabul 9. Robbie and Fey are both competing for the most violent and bloody stories and interviews that will keep them on the air and make them stars. There’s also the dumb flirtation between Fey and the Afghan Attorney General (Alfred Molina). She uses this to blackmail him into rescuing her unlikely lover, an extremely annoying and creepy cameraman played by “The Hobbit’s” Martin Freeman.
Like I said, nothing to like in this movie (except Billy Bob Thornton as a realist USMC General, though we don’t see nearly enough of him), nobody and nothing to care about. And nothing worth spending your ten-bucks-plus and two hours on.
We have enough of the liberal media BS everywhere around us, including on FOX News. Unless you’re a moron, why pay to go see more of it glorified as some sort of (phony) heroism?
By the way, why did this need two directors? It’s not the case of “too many cooks spoil the broth,” though. Swill won’t taste good no matter how many people work on it.
Watch the trailer . . .
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