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ALIPAC Endorses Donald Trump for President; Acknowledges Ted Cruz's strong stance

An interesting article from www.alipac.us  about Donald Trump.This follows this post about Pope Francis and immigration. Remember, “Amnesty” means ANY non-enforcement of existing immigration laws! This follows this comment and this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! Also, you can read two very interesting books HERE.
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ALIPAC & William Gheen Endorse Donald Trump for President

February 29, 2016

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William Gheen, the President of America's 3rd largest activist group and the nation's only Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to fighting against illegal immigration and amnesty is today endorsing Donald Trump for President.

This endorsement is a departure from the national organization's 11 year policy of not endorsing Presidential candidates.

"One thing I know with all my heart, is that the people supporting Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are America's best hope for survival! I sincerely believe that we must now work to consolidate support behind Trump because he is the strongest anti-establishment candidate and has the best chance of overcoming the devious plans of the biased media and DC insiders that are desperate to stop this populist political revolt! Trump is America's best chance to stop and reverse illegal immigration if we hold him to his promises and remove many of the incumbent Republicans in Congress who are aligned with Obama on Amnesty for illegals!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC.

William Gheen and ALIPAC are announcing this unprecedented endorsement of Donald Trump with the hope of helping Trump fulfill his campaign promise to deport all illegal aliens as current US laws and the Constitution require. It is also hoped that endorsing Donald Trump will bring more attention and energy to the down ballot candidates facing off against the 178 Cantor List Republicans who support the same kind of amnesty for illegals that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support.

"We will fight tooth and nail for Donald Trump until the last day of his second term as long as he stays true to his GOP Primary supporters and his promises to deport illegals, build a substantial wall, decrease legal immigration levels to help American workers, and end dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement programs," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "However, we do plan to oppose any touch back amnesty plans for deported illegal immigrants. ALIPAC stands behind our current laws that say any illegal immigrants deported from the United States are prohibited from legal entry for a minimum of ten years, and we hope Mr. Trump will honor that law when our members of Congress refuse to change it."

William Gheen is willing to accept that Donald Trump has had a recent conversion or evolution on immigration issues after reading Ann Coulter's book Adios America because many Americans have also experienced such an awakening on the issue. Often, new readers perusing the archives at www.ALIPAC.us are shocked to discover just how planned and intentional mass illegal immigration is, and how many Americans are losing life, limb, property, and livelihoods to illegal aliens while our biased media conceals those problems and deaths. ALIPAC activists have referred to such political transformations as "Lifting the Rock." ALIPAC.us is the world's largest archive of information about illegal immigration and is often used by book authors writing on the subject.

Most ALIPAC supporters support either Trump or Cruz (58-32%), almost everyone opposes Marco Rubio for his role in the Gang of Eight amnesty legislation which Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and the group's endorsed members of Congress have successfully fought and stopped from reaching Obama's desk since 2013! And even though ALIPAC is endorsing Trump, supporters of other candidates are still welcome and encouraged to keep fighting illegal immigration with ALIPAC.

While ALIPAC appreciates Cruz's promise to also enforce immigration laws and his campaign's focus on illegal immigration, revelations that his wife Heidi Cruz is both a recent employee of Goldman Sachs and a signatory to the Council on Foreign Relations document "Building a North American Community" disqualifies anyone in the Cruz family from occupying the White House. Heidi Cruz's employment with Goldman Sachs and role as a signer of the Open Borders Manifesto from the CFR is too much of a risk for America during this unstable and chaotic time.

"We appreciate Ted Cruz's efforts to stop the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and his Presidential campaign's attention to the illegal immigration issue, we cannot allow Heidi Cruz to become the First Lady of the United States," said William Gheen. "Mrs. Cruz's high level employment with the pro amnesty and open borders power groups of Goldman Sachs and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) means that the very groups ALIPAC has been fighting against for the last decade would once again hold sway in the Executive Branch."

William Gheen and ALIPAC's endorsement of Donald Trump follows other endorsements from prominent illegal immigration fighters such as legendary Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, and past AZ Governor Jan Brewer.

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