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Ferguson backlash: Rallies coast-to-coast for officer, ALIPAC quoted

An interesting article from www.alipac.us about support towards law enforcement. This follows this post about the next wave of border crossers. Remember, “Amnesty” means ANY non-enforcement of existing immigration laws! This follows this comment and this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! For more about what you can do click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.
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Ferguson backlash: Rallies coast-to-coast for officer, ALIPAC quoted

Ferguson backlash: Rallies coast-to-coast for officer
Veterans, police, border agents all 'under siege' says organizer

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down in a firefight with Mexican gang members at the Arizona-Mexico border in 2010.

Americans plan to take to the streets in nearly 100 U.S. cities this weekend in support of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson as well as a U.S. Marine being held since March 31 in Mexico and the families of two slain Border Patrol agents.

William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, one of the groups organizing the rallies, said police, veterans and Border Patrol agents are “under siege” in America.

Published: 25 Aug 2014
Leo Hohmann

He said the mainstream media are promoting a “false narrative” regarding the teen killed while “surrendering” to police in Ferguson, Missouri, the imprisonment of U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi in Mexico and the killing of border agents Brian Terry and Javier Vega Jr.

Officer Darren Wilson

Gheen charged “widespread defamation and abuse” against the men by a biased media and politicians.

Tahmooressi, 26, was jailed by the Mexican government in late March after inadvertently driving across the border with his personal guns in his car. He claimed he was detained for eight hours without charge and denied access to an interpreter.

Vega Jr. was gunned down by illegal aliens while off duty and fishing with his family in Willacy County, Texas.

Terry was shot and killed in 2010 during a firefight at the Arizona-Mexico border. A Mexican man later pleaded guilty to the shooting in a case tied to the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

“People need to understand why border agents Terry and Vega are dead, why Andrew Tahmooressi is being abused in a Mexican jail and why police officer Darren Wilson is in hiding,” said Gheen, who is organizing the rallies with James Neighbors of Overpasses for America.

“When the Mexican government treats our veterans like prisoners of war, there is no louder wake-up call for how Mexico perceives us. Both Obama and Mexico would like to persecute anyone who would resist unconstitutional orders and tyranny.”

The rallies are scheduled to take place Friday and Saturday, Aug. 29 and 30.

Within five hours of announcing the plan Monday, the two groups – Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and Overpasses for America – already had 96 communities respond, said Gheen. (See list below of participating communities with locations and rally times or click here.)

“We’re growing very rapidly right now, and we need it to continue leading up to this weekend,” Gheen said. “We want people to understand that the abuses that are directed at Officer Darren Wilson right now are part of a broader national effort involving D.C. insiders and the Obama administration, and manipulators in the American mainstream media that are persecuting our veterans, Border Patrol officers and police officers, most of whom fully support the U.S. Constitution.”

U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

He said those stirring the pot of racial division have an ugly agenda.

“The people who are doing this want to replace America’s constitutional governance with a leftist mob rule that is more focused on socialism and social justice,” Gheen said. “They do not support the American concept of equal justice for all. They want street justice, and a lot of the action in Ferguson is based on racism against the white officers. Most Americans feel like fighting racism should be a two-way street while most of those leading the activism in Ferguson believe it should be a one-way street.”

Gheen said the beatings of two white military veterans in West Point, Mississippi, on Saturday is an example of how hatred stirred by Ferguson is prompting black-on-white violence. The backlash, he said, is being ignored in the national media.

“The abuses of the truth and ethics that we’re seeing by liberal politicians and the mainstream media are exacting a price for our citizens and that price is spilled blood,” he said. “Deaths and injuries all across America, where Caucasian Americans are being retaliated against. Because the media suppresses the largest and most frequent kinds of attacks while fostering the false narrative that what’s wrong with America is evil white male racists with guns hunting down minorities and executing them in the streets.”

Gheen said the rallies Friday and Saturday are open only to “racially inclusive” groups and activists.

“We want to make that very clear,” he said. “This is a racially inclusive effort.”

He said beatings such as the one in Mississippi occur when minorities believe the warped messages they are getting from media.

Gheen said his organization is concerned that many police are militarizing and taking on the “warrior cop” mentality, but he believes it’s important to support the majority who still work within the bounds of the Constitution.

“But what we want to do this weekend is educate people on how our Constitution-abiding officers, vets and Border Patrol, and American activists that would defend this nation,” he said. “We support our non-militarized police officers.

“The largest police force in this country is still the county sheriffs. And the militarization of the police is … a set up to turn people against the police.”

Gheen said when he looks at the situations in Ferguson, in Mexico and with military veterans, he sees a common thread.

“In each place we have a victim of this socialism gone amok,” he said. “So we’ve got the Marine who’s being held prisoner in Mexico because he accidentally drove across the border with legal American guns in his vehicle. We have officer Darren Wilson whose life is under threat because the Justice Department is going after the officer instead of the [New] Black Panthers who are holding rallies trying to stir people up to murder him. Then we have Border Patrol agents under siege.

“Our veterans are killing themselves at a rate of 27 per day, and nobody is saying anything about it,” he continued. “All three are responsible for the defense of America, and they are all three under attack from within.”

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