Monday, May 23, 2016

Editorial: Trump Supporters Are Not Supremacists, but Do Want to Defund our Culture


Like almost all Trump supporters, I am not the racial supremacist that most of his opponents paint him out to be.
One can stereotypically point out who is better than whom in any activity or talent, and if one does do that, then the conclusion can be reached that no one group is more talented than all others in everything.
However, just because one's own group is not superior to others in everything does not mean that one does not want to defend one's own group, and that is the appeal that Mr. Trump has to his supporters. The more that both he, and his supporters are called racial supremacists, the more his followers know that the charge is false, and the tighter his supporters cling to support of him!

Remember also, that when you rent a house, if someone comes in and assaults you or insults you without your permission that you do have the right to self-defense. When Mr. Trump rents a venue for an assembly, he also has that right and encouraging his supporters to defend themselves when they are assaulted either inside the venue, or on the way TO, the venue of assembly, Mr. Trump RIGHTLY says that his supporters have the right to his legal support. That is not an an incitement to violence, but rather a call for self defence!

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