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It’s Official: A-Rod Now a Trophy Wife – “Men, the New Women” Alert

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It’s Official: A-Rod Now a Trophy Wife – “Men, the New Women” Alert

By Debbie Schlussel

A-Rod & His New SugarDaddy Anne Wojciki
You may think this is a trivial topic. But when a multi-zillionaire playboy pro athlete voluntarily assumes the position and becomes a trophy wife, you know that America has collectively lost its collective balls.
Sometimes I get sick of writing about ISIS, Islam, amnesty, and the Presidential race. And many times discussion of other things–changing American lifestyle cues–gives us a much bigger clue of why we are losing America. This is one of those times.
A-Rod f/k/a Alex Rodriguez used to be a ‘roid-using, masculine Major League Baseball player who liked to “date” (euphemism) hot blonde actress types. Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Madonna (okay, not hot, but still peroxided blonde), etc.
But, now, Rodriguez, wealthier than most with a net worth of $252 million, is the new trophy wife/bimbo for ex-Mrs. Google, billionaire Anne Wojciki, who is, well, um . . . not hot. Not super-ugly, but nothing special. As they say, “she has a GREAT personality.” Pointing this out is not a mere shallow, sexist, Mean Girls observation. It’s an observation of a trend: formerly masculine men who could have anyone . . . willingly assuming the position of the gold-digging chick. (Maybe the ‘roid damage to a certain region was permanent?)
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And like most gold-digger chicks, A-Rod is now dating the unattractive woman in this relationship strictly because of the size of her wallet. That’s sad. Men used to be men. Especially pro athlete men. No longer. If A-Rod is doing it, a ton of less wealthy men are doing it: transforming into the chick in the relationship and dating women for their money. He went from alpha male to beta girlfriend. Men–The New Women. It’s never a good thing when American culture delves deeper and deeper into the the feminizing of men and the masculinization of women.
You know what they say about the power of the purse strings. I don’t care what you say about the liberation of men and women in relationships where the woman makes or has more money than the man. Thou doth protest too much. It’s all BS. There is no such thing as egalitarianism in romantic relationships. One party always has more power than the other–the upper hand. And that party is almost always the one with more money. It’s just the way it works in our society.
So, basically, A-Rod has ceded that power. He’s now the Mr. Mom to ex-Mrs. Google. Nobody knows just how much exactly Wojciki, recent ex of Google founder Sergey Brin, is worth. But the new divorcee is certainly a billionaire. At the time of her divorce (which was finalized last year), the Brins were worth about $30 billion. It’s a good bet that she got a significant fraction of that.
Yup, A-Rod picked one of the few women in the world who would have the power of having more money than A-Rod. That’s what a guy who’s given up his testicles does. Or a broken man. Or a liberal wimp proud of being a vegan Mr. Mom who knits with the LGBTQABCDEF knitting community.
And if multi-millionaire A-Rod is willing to give up his masculinity and being a man in exchange for the company and wallet of an unattractive rich lady, it’ll take a lot less to lead regular guys to do the same. Men used to “keep women.” Now, they want to be the kept . . . and, frankly, they want to be the women. We’ll see this more and more as economic and employment situations continue to get worse and those of women continue to get better.
While that’s going on, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are laughing at us all the way to the next terrorist attack.
It’s not just A-Rod who eagerly gave up his balls. It’s America, too.
Hint: you never saw Bin Laden dating a chick richer than himself. And you won’t see Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi doing that either. Just sayin’.
Yeah, it would be nice if we lived in a world where people weren’t so vain and didn’t judge people by their looks. But we don’t. We live in the world that is more shallow, vain, and looks-focused than ever. So, don’t romanticize A-Rod’s relationship with this plain Jane billionaire chick as “awww, love before looks.” That ain’t what’s happenin’ here. A-Rod has a track record of only “dating’ (euphemism) lookers. And now he’s playing the hooker.
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