Monday, April 13, 2015

Editorial: Is fleeing when a police yells "freeze" a crime?


In South Carolina there was an incident in which a police officer "allegedly" shot someone. Note that in most coverage the word "allegedly" is not being used. This incident is being tied to many previous incidents of police shooting perpetrators.

Nicholas Stix has a very interesting take on this at

So why bother with Slager? Everyone, Left and (Respectable) Right, agrees that he’s a murderous RACIST monster. Shouldn’t I just concede this one, and move on to a more winnable battle?

In bystander Feidin Santana’s video, whose order CNN deliberately scrambled, Officer Slager and Walter Scott are seen wrestling on the ground. In the next scrambled installment, they are wrestling standing, with Scott pulling the Taser out of Officer Slager’s hand (the Taser falls to the ground), whereupon Scott takes off yet again, but this time, Officer Slager fires eight times, hitting Scott in the back five times, and the latter drops to the ground, lying on his belly.
The Officer then handcuffs Scott. The MSM has vilified Slager for doing this, but he was merely following standard operating procedure.
Officer Slager then goes back to the Taser on the ground, walks it over to where Scott is lying, and drops it by his body, and then picks it up again.
That sequence was certainly not SOP. But arguably Slager might have been shocked and confused. Note that, by then, a black officer was also on the scene.

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