Friday, October 17, 2014

NBC Host: “White Men Have Small Testicles,” Wears “Whiteface,” Mocks Whites in Songs

A timely post about from about a black person mocking white people. This follows this post about the Cuban Che Guevara. This follows this post about the midterm election.
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NBC Host: “White Men Have Small Testicles,” Wears “Whiteface,” Mocks Whites in Songs

By Debbie Schlussel
If a White person did this, he would be out of a job and denounced worldwide. Heck, all Paula Deen did was admit she once used the N-word years ago, and she lost everything. But, if you’re Black (or Muslim or one of the other preferred minority groups), you can get away with racism and racist caricatures.


Nick Cannon, host of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” (which is owned by Simon Cowell), is dressing in “Whiteface” and mocking White men as having small testicles. All of this is to promote the impending release of his album, “White People Party Music.” The husband of Mariah Carey and father of her twins is a racist. But Black-on-White racism is tolerated, as NBC hasn’t announced any plans to remove Cannon from the show, hasn’t denounced him or his behavior, and is strangely silent . . . along with the rest of the world of race merchants.
Nick Cannon, the host of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and Mr. Mariah Carey, is now posing as a man named Connor Smallnut for a new musical project. And yes, Connor Smallnut, as you can see in the photo above and videos below, is white. . . . .


Cannon has been posting photos and videos of himself as Mr. Smallnut, whiteface and all, on his Instagram and Twitter feeds in order to hype up the release of his upcoming album, “White People Party Music.” The album is a sort of parody performed by the Smallnut character, with songs like “Pajama Pants,” which tackle heavy issues like twerking.
Hmmm . . . if a White artist–say, John Mayer–dressed in Blackface, called himself, “Tyrone Jajuan LaBobby Crack Addict Large Penis 12-Kids-With-Thirteen-Women-on-Welfare,” and titled his next album, “No, You Di’i'n’t: Black People Crack House Pit Bull Fightin’ Musick,” that would be racist. Do you think he’d still be around?
Wouldn’t the world be up in arms as they were over Al Campanis, Don Imus, Michael Richards, and Paula Deen?
But for Nick Cannon . . . crickets chirping.
Exit Question: if Nick Cannon hates White people so much, why did he marry a half-White woman and father two kids with her? I guess that’s his way of “screwing Whitey.” I guess it’s like anti-Semite (and Matt Drudge fave) Alex Jones, who hates “Zionists” and Israel, but is married to a moronic nutbagette Jewish chick. Or Jew-hater Christiane (a)Manpour who is married to a Jewish chick with a non-working penis (Jamie Rubin from the Clinton State Department).

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