Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Charles Darwin's 10 Mistakes

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Charles Darwin's 10 Mistakes

We made a list of 10 reasons Darwin's theory of evolution does not hold up to scientific scrutiny.

1. "Warm little pond" theory: There is no solid evidence of life arising spontaneously from a chemical soup.
2. Simplicity of the cell theory: Scientists have discovered that cells are tremendously complex, not simple.
3. Theory about the cell’s simple information: It turns out cells have a digital code more complex and lengthy than any computer language made by man.
4. Theory of intermediate fossils: Where are the supposed billions of missing links in the evolutionary chain?
5. Theory of the variation of species: Genetic adaptation and mutation have proven to have fixed limits.
6. Theory of the Cambrian Explosion: This sudden appearance of most major complex animal groups at the same low level of the fossil record is still an embarrassment to evolutionists.
7. Theory of homology: Similarity of structures does not mean the evolution of structures.
8. Theory of ape evolution : Chimpanzees have not evolved into anything else. Neither has man.
9. Theory of the tree of life: Rather than all life branching from a single organism, evidence has revealed a forest of life from the very beginning.
10. Rejection of an intelligent designer: This opened the door for many to reject God, the Bible and Christianity.

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