Monday, September 9, 2013

Editorial: Contact Catholic Bishops, Even if You're Not Catholic


Over the past weekend, and scheduled for the Next several Weekends, the Roman Catholic church will be giving Homily Sermon messages encouraging their parishoners to lobby for increased immigration. This comes at the expense of unemployed Americans. You can read an article from VDARE about it here. After that, whether you are Catholic or not, you can contact the closest Roman Catholic bishops and the following key bishops with the message that follows their contact information:

Your Closest Bishop
Bishop Dolan NY
Bishop Chaput Philadelphia
Bishop Olmstead Phoenix
Bishop Gomez Los Angeles

You can use or modify this message

Honorable Bishop,

I am asking you to make a public statement against S.744 and any “pathway to citizenship”.

This bill will allow 33 million new immigrants over the next decade.

The 33 million green cards offered by S. 744 in the first decade would go to:

• around 11 million for illegal aliens (could be millions more if the official estimate is wrong)

• around 11 million in continuation of elevated flows from 1990 surge policy

• around 5 million from end of numerical limits on people waiting in line (mostly chain migration)

• around 6 million from new and expanded categories

On the other hand,

Nearly every section of the Gang Amnesty bill seems to add more foreign workers to compete with unemployed and underemployed Americans. The Gang apparently believes that the way to help the 20 million Americans who can't find a full-time job is to give out another 20-30 million lifetime work permits to foreign citizens over the next decade.

This bill would further flood labor markets at the lower-skill levels where real wages have declined 10% to 22% since 1980.

If the bill becomes law, the chances of Americans with no more than a high school education entering the middle class may disappear.

But it isn't just the low-end where Americans are threatened. The bill would make huge increases in importing higher-educated workers at a time when around half of all recent American college graduates either have no job at all or they aren't working in a degree job.

The under-32 Millennial Generation already is in danger of being a lost generation. After this bill, we may see these young adults spend the rest of their lives only partly engaged in the economy as they depend on government and family.

None of this is the kind of economy or society most Americans desire. Surely a compassionate and thoughtful citizenry will put a stop to this nonsense and ask its Representatives to go back to work putting Americans back to work.

In appreciation of your consideration,

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