Monday, January 7, 2013

Barack Obama:Foreign Policy: EPIC FAIL

A very interesting post from about the foreign policy of the president. This follows this post about people's struggles with temptation. This follows this post about a race hoax at U.T. Austin.  This follows this post about Emmit Till. In the meantime, you can read a very interesting book HERE.

Barack Obama: Foreign Policy: EPIC FAIL

Failing to acknowledge we are in a war against radical jihadists, despite the fact that more than 33% of all terrorist plots since 9/11 occurred in 2009

• His Homeland Security chief declaring the “system worked” after an attempted jihadist bombing

• Bestowing Constitutional rights on enemy combatants

• Not supporting the Iranian people’s protest of Ahmadinejad’s dictatorship

• Signing an executive order to close Gitmo

• Allowing CIA interrogators to face special prosecutors

• Referring to jihadist attacks as “man-made disasters” and “overseas contingency operations”

• Bowing down before dictators and other foreign leaders   Young America’s Foundation • National Headquarters • F.M. Kirby Freedom Center
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