Thursday, October 27, 2016

Editorial: Civil War on November 9?


Regardless of who wins the election, will there be a civil war in the U.S. the next day?

Clinton supporters already believe that their candidate is ten points ahead in the polls and if she loses, they won't be able to believe that the media had lied that badly to them. There have already been threat of moving to Canada by many and states like California are threatening to "build a wall" against Trump's America.

Trump supporters on the other hand, believe that if they don't win this election, that the flood of people from Mexico, Syria, and elsewhere, could make this the LAST presidential election. Many are planning to bunker down, feeling there is nowhere else in the world to go, and states like Texas and others could possibly try to secede.

On the other hand, both parties have members within that don't like their own nominee and many others don't like either candidate!

Will a civil war be the likely outcome of all this?

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