Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Lie Called “Islamophobia”

A timely post about from about Islamophobia. This follows this post about Mexico and Jihad. This follows this article about American energy independence and preventing money from going to hostile countries. For more, you can read two very interesting books HERE.You can follow me here.

The “Islamophobia” Lie

As we learned this past Saturday night of yet another violent attack perpetrated by a devout Muslim against innocent people, this time at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, that left nine people with knife wounds, an appropriate question to ask might be… How much of this garbage is the American public supposed to put up with?
The answer is none. Is this what our troops have fought and died for? Is this what we pay our taxes for, so we can wonder if it’s safe to leave our homes and enjoy everything this country has to offer without getting caught in the middle of an onslaught being carried out by someone who chooses to adhere to the prescribed violence contained in the Qur’an, the Islamic book of scripture? No.
While watching the news on Sunday, a radio talk show host who was on a panel discussing the bombing in New York, which also happened this past weekend, said that the word “terrorism” should not be used because people will associate that with Islam, and we don’t want to offend an entire religion.
For anyone halfway paying attention, this should signal that if the majority of the public associates the word terrorism with Islam, then the lying, politically correct, culturally suicidal politicians and media in this country, despite their ongoing attempts to bamboozle and shame everyone into silence, have failed to cover up the truth.
“Islamophobia” is an illegitimate, made-up term often used by militant Islamic groups and parroted by elected officials and media personalities who have made the decision to forsake the American people and sell out the American way of life.
The purpose of this term is to embarrass and intimidate good people into thinking that they are in the wrong for questioning or challenging those who deny or act as apologists for what the world has seen from the Islamic belief system since its inception. Historical facts are historical facts, so the only chance these puppets have of forwarding their agenda is to attempt to revise history.
The truth is that no one who says something when they see something that doesn’t look right or something that looks like it could be a safety issue is a so-called “Islamophobe.” This is our country. Shari’ah law is a racist, sexist human rights violation that is completely at odds with the United States Constitution, and anyone living here who adheres to it and wants to replace our law of the land with it should relocate to a country that enforces it.
To see how witless immigration policies, coddling politicians, and overdone political correctness can ruin Western nations, just take a look at what a mess Europe has turned into.
Hundreds of jihadists and adherents to Shari’ah law in the United States have been arrested, convicted or killed. Included in this list are Muslims who have fabricated “anti-Muslim hate crimes.” While the entire Muslim community is certainly not at fault for this, and many themselves have been threatened and intimidated buy the Islamic militant bully boys who have set up shop here, there are entirely too many of these miscreants still running loose on our soil.
Looks like we will all have to continue to trust our instincts and the facts that have been relayed to us through sites like this one, and remember, the only people who throw out accusations of “Islamophobia” are those who want Islamic law to rule the planet, those who are too timid to confront them, and those who are so flat-out ignorant that they cannot see that although the crocodile may wait to eat them last, they, too, will be eaten.
With the aforementioned liars, bellyachers and fraidy-cats joining forces to push their poisonous array of disinformation about what we see with our own eyes, a refusal to be pushed around will continue to be a necessity.

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