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ABC’s Designated Survivor Portrays Police as Violent Islamophobic Killers

A timely post from about the TV show "Designated Survivor." This follows this post about the "Mothers of the Movement." This follows this post about rap songs referencing Donald Trump.
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ABC’s Designated Survivor Portrays Police as Violent Islamophobic Killers

By Debbie Schlussel

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Designated Survivor” portrays police as violent attackers and killers of Muslims after a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. This false portrayal is despite the fact that neither police nor other Americans have attacked Muslims during 15 years of massive Muslim terrorist attacks and mass murders of Americans.
Last week, I watched the premiere of the highly-hyped new show, starring Kiefer Sutherland as a lowly cabinet secretary who becomes President when the President, the rest of his cabinet, and the entire Congress are killed in a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol during the State of the Union address. While the show got off to a great start, it became clear that Sutherland, as President Kirkman, is a weak, standard-issue liberal. And the generals are second-guessed as “war-mongers” who want to attack Iran in the Straits of Hormuz. Last week, I predicted on Twitter that there is NO WAY that the terrorists who attacked the Capitol will turn out to be Muslims, as Hollywood continues its endless pretzel-like contortions away from reality. (After all, Muslims would NEVER EVER attack America or the U.S. Capitol, right? See 9/11 and Flight 93 for fact-checking.)
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Now, longtime Wall Street Journal editorial board member and TV critic Dorothy Rabinowitz notes this regarding tonight’s episode:
The problem comes in the second episode, along with a suddenly increased capacity to resist everything about “Designated Survivor.” Here we come up against the show’s message, or more precisely its gross political tendentiousness: its vision of a vicious American nation, in the aftermath of the attack, hunting down its Muslim citizens; its pictures of police racing around Dearborn, Mich., dragging Muslims out of their homes, beating a teenager to death, all at the behest of the Michigan governor.
Not surprisingly, President Kirkman stands firmly against this brown-shirt brutality, a product of fevered writerly imaginations particularly loathsome to behold given the facts of history—in particular the actual terror attacks of 9/11, after which, through all their fear and rage, Americans comported themselves with the utmost dignity.
What’s even more laughable and devoid of any resemblance to reality is that the episode shows the “Michigan Republican Governor” instructing citizens to attack Muslims in Dearbornistan. Reality check: Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder is rabidly pro-Muslim, a butt-snorkeler of openly declared jihadists, refuses to specifically condemn Hezbollah (which murdered several hundred Americans) and HAMAS, and has opened an office to spend tax money to bring more Muslim “refugees” to that State (while at the same time publicly pretending he wants better vetting). He claims they will save Michigan’s economy and we “need” more of them here. (WE. DO. NOT.) On top of that, Michigan’s next likely Republican Governor, Attorney General Bill Schuette (a RINO cross-dressing as a conservative) held a huge fundraiser with Dearbornistan’s Hezbollah Muslims and won’t answer questions about it. This is the reality. ABC shows you the bullcrap.
(And as I’ve noted on this site, this isn’t the only ABC show currently on the schedule that bends over backward to portray Americans as rabid anti-Muslim bigots and terrorists as anything but Muslim. See “Quantico.”)
While I do not advocate wholesale, unprovoked violence against Muslims, they have no problem–as indicated by poll after poll–supporting wholesale, unprovoked violence against us. Terrorist attacks–and we’ve had many–are a different story. Those should have provoked something in Americans–particularly law enforcement, but never have because we are asleep, politically correct, and see ourselves as “humane” to the point of elevating and groveling to those who’d destroy us. And that’s why the Muslim attacks on us on our own soil have escalated in speed, especially in the last year or so. (That’s not to mention that our soldiers in the Middle East hand out candy and build roads for those who blow them up. And you pay for that.)
During World War II, German-Americans were loyal and quiet because they knew what would happen to them if they were not. There were very few Americans of German descent who openly supported or were involved in the pro-Nazi German-American Bund. They feared the consequences.
In contrast, today’s Muslims in America do not fear anything. In fact, they are laughing at us all the way to the next terrorist attack and the courthouse with their ACLU lawyers. Americans didn’t attack Muslim en masse after 9/11. Not after the Shoe Bomber. Not after the failed attempt on Times Square. Not after the Fort Hood Massacre or the San Bernardino Massacre or the Orlando Massacre. Not after Ahmad Khan Rahami’s bombs in New York and New Jersey and his Muslim co-religionist Dahir Adan’s stabbings in a Minnesota Mall. Not after Arcan Cetin’s murders of five in Washington State at Macy’s. (The only uprisings we see in America are those by the Black Lives Matter terrorists who loot, destroy, and murder cops, but the anti-Muslim attackers on tonight’s “Designated Survivor” are exclusively White, I’m told.) And American law enforcement never rounded up Muslims, even after the 9/11 attacks.
Unlike the portrayal in tonight’s propaganda episode of “Designated Survivor,” the attacks keep coming, but Americans haven’t risen up against Muslims. And federal agents and local police have done little (other than to bend over for Muslims).
Unlike what ABC’s propaganda prime time schedule tells you, we are actually a castrated, impotent country without the will to survive or do anything but just sit there and hold dumb, pointless candlelight vigils and war ribbons when the attacks happen.
Thank you, Mohammed. May I have another?
One last thing on this: as noted in my Tweet above, Kal Penn, a real-life Obama aide and mega-mucho-Islamopanderer co-stars on this. There is no way he would ever again be on a show where Muslims are the terrorists (he was briefly on “24” with Sutherland, but even there, the Muslims ultimately were terrorists for some White guys pulling their strings).

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