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What Donald Trump Should’ve Said & Still Needs to Say to Khizr Khan, Muslim Grandstander

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What Donald Trump Should’ve Said & Still Needs to Say to Khizr Khan, Muslim Grandstander

By Debbie Schlussel
Like you, I’ve been watching the non-stop crazy train surrounding Donald Trump’s comments to and about Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen soldier in Iraq who used his son’s death for a grandstanding speech at Hillary Clinton’s coronation convention a/k/a the DNCon. And I think Donald Trump could have used this moment to educate America about the real “contributions” of Muslims in the U.S. Armed Forces and about the “contributions” of the Clintons.

I think Donald Trump made a mistake questioning the “emotions” of Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala Khan. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe their motives are suspect. They are very suspect. They used their son’s death and their grief for politics. And by the way, their son died well over a decade ago (in 2004), not recently. They used their son’s death to endorse a political candidate. That’s what Trump should have pointed out. They aren’t the first to do so.
While it is the ultimate sacrifice when your child dies in service to America, that doesn’t mean you are pure as the driven snow and whatever you say is the gospel. We’ve seen many such suspect parents of the fallen. There is anti-Semitic Cindy Sheehan a/k/a “Jihad Cindy #2,” who used her son’s death in Iraq for far-left politics and Jew-hatred. There’s the family of Pat Tillman, who used his death for endless Pat Tillman Trutherism, as if his death–whether from the bullets of friendly fire or that of the enemy–was any less tragic and valorous in battle.
And then there are the Khans.
If I were Trump, I would have turned Khizr Khan’s most soundbited statement around. Khan told Trump, “You have sacrificed nothing and nobody” for America. Instead of giving the silly, braggadocious, and tone-deaf response that Trump gave about how he’s sacrificed to create businesses and jobs, I would have asked, “Mr. Khan, what have Bill and Hillary Clinton sacrificed for America?” I might have added, “Hillary sacrificed her basement bathroom closet for a server to jeopardize American national security and the identities of our foreign operatives. Is that your idea of sacrificing for this country?” Whitewater, cattle futures, the Rose Law Firm records, Monicagate, e-mails, the McDougals, the Iran deal sell-out of which Hillary was the chief architect, Benghazi, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam, ad absurdum, ad infinitum–is that your idea of how Hillary Clinton sacrificed for America? Trump should have turned this on Hillary and challenged the Khans to answer these questions and tell him what exactly is Hillary’s sacrifice for America, when her whole life is a textbook example of me-me-me narcissistic selfishness.
I also would have added that any of the Gold Star parents who spoke at the Republican National Convention could have also asked that same question of Hillary in their speeches, that it’s a zero-sum game on that front. I would have pointed out that the parents of Benghazi murder victims sacrificed their lives at the hands of Hillary because she ignored their cries for help; that Hillary Clinton sacrificed the lives of others–others’ like the Khans’ son–for no reason because she couldn’t bother to answer their calls in the middle of the night when they were being hunted by members of Mr. Khan’s religion.
And then, there is Mr. Khan’s religion–the sole reason he and his wife were on the podium at Hillarypalooza. The Khans were up there to show us that, “you see, Mr. Trump, we Muslims died serving America, while you want to keep us out.” Sadly, Trump doesn’t want to keep them out, and he has now updated his phony position on this for the (by my count) 17th time, saying he’ll only ban those from “terror countries,” which means that the French-born Muslims who murdered the Catholic priest at the Normandy Church would have been able to come here prior to their bloody beheading of this elderly cleric.
Despite Khan’s fiery speech, the truth is that few Muslims and few Muslim families have sacrificed for America. In fact, the vast, vast, vast majority of those who’ve died for America are Christian. The next largest number of those who’ve died for this country are those most reviled by the Khans’ religion: the “evil Zionists,” the Jews. The number of Muslims who’ve died for America is a tiny, tiny, infinitesmal fraction of a fraction of a fraction. The Khans are an anomaly.
There are very very few Crescent-marked tombstones at Arlington National Cemetery–a relative handful among hundreds of thousands bearing Crosses and Stars of David. Much media attention is being paid to legions of liberal morons going to visit the Khan son’s grave at Arlington, but the truth is he’s a blip among legions of Christians and Jews (and, yes, more Wiccans than Muslims) who died for America. I called Arlington’s PR people months ago (when Marco “Kinky Boots” Boobio Schmubio Rubio was blathering on at every debate about all the Muslim graves there), and they couldn’t tell me how many Muslim graves there are there, but they acknowledged it’s a very tiny number among hundreds of thousands of others.
And here’s another truth: while the Khans are Sunni Muslims, most among the microscopically tiny number of Muslims who enlisted and went to Iraq were Shi’ite Muslims who wanted to “liberate” Iraq from Sunnis and kill Sunnis. They weren’t there for us. They were there for their own religious jihad and to be rewarded in “paradise.”
Then, there are the parents of Muslims in the U.S. military who weren’t at DNCon to speak for Hillary, but should have been. How ’bout the parents of Nidal Malik Hasan? We saw how he appreciated America and the every chance our country and military gave him–putting him through college and medical school and promoting him every step of the way despite his jihadist ways. Thirteen Americans’ lives were sacrificed at his altar of Islam. Did the Khans apologize for their religion’s actions in the U.S. military as perpetrated by him? Nope. And we saw many, many other Hasans in our military since 9/11. Remember John Allen Muhammad, the Beltway Sniper? Yup, he served.
And don’t forget Noureddine Malki a/k/a “Mr. X.” We don’t know his real name (because–shocker!–he lied and was never properly vetted because it’s impossible), but he’s a Muslim immigrant, just like the Khans. And he served as a U.S. Army translator, telegraphing our troop movements to Al-Qaeda, so the group could inflict maximum damage. A lot of American soldiers died because of the “service” of this Muslim who “sacrificed” for America.
And there are so many others I’ve written about on this site over the years–Muslims who served in America’s Armed Forces and murdered our military personnel or murdered other Americans later. Here are just a few of the names: Wassef Ali Hassoun (who faked his kidnapping in Iraq, went AWOL, twice, and was on the NCIS Most Wanted List), Assan Akbar (who shot at fellow American soldiers in the name of Islam) and a host of similar others, such as Ahmad Al-Halabi, Ali Mohamed, Ryan Anderson, Semi Osman, Jeffrey Leon Battle, Hassan Abujihaad–all of them Muslim and all of them engaged in jihad against fellow troops and fellow Americans. Mr. Khan, why is your son the outlier and the anomaly, and why are these traitors the norm for those of your religion who serve?
That’s what Trump could have–and should have–asked, but he has neither the balls nor the knowledge and basic research skills to do so.
And then there are the Khans themselves. Will they condemn Hezbollah? Will they condemn HAMAS? Will they speak out–as Muslims who lost a son to the terrorism of their fellow Muslims–against the Hezbollah bombing and mass murder of nearly 300 Americans at the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983? Will they condemn the ongoing HAMAS murder of Americans, including New Jersey college student Alisa Flatow? Don’t bet on it. But Trump should have asked them. Trump should have challenged them. Then, the ball would be in their court.
Trump could have scored a lot of points with any of these questions, any of these rejoinders. The Khans wouldn’t have an answer. They’d be in a Catch-22 position. And the tables would have been turned on them. Plus Trump would have educated a lot of ignorant Americans about the real behavior of many American Muslims who claim to be American patriots but are patriots only to the four corners of the koran.
Sadly, Trump blew it. And instead, he’s in a silly sandbox war of words with the Khans that he can’t win. And maybe he doesn’t want to win.
One other thing I must add: I couldn’t help but notice that Mrs. Khan’s hair was showing (and under Islam, she might turn some guy on and he would be justified in raping the “uncovered” woman). Devout Muslim women cover their hair completely–usually with a hijab–and she did not. I wonder how devout the Khans actually are. But, at the same time, I wonder if Mrs. Khan wore a loose scarf instead of a hijab to make herself look more human and palatable, less oppressed. Either way, it raises a lot of questions.
Being “uncovered” like that in most Muslim countries could get her killed. And that’s the real Islam, not the “sacrifice” of her son.

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